Woori Actors Releases Former AOA Member Mina’s Health and Future Statement

Woori Actors Releases Former AOA Member Mina's Health and Future Statement

Woori Actors, the agency of former AOA member Mina, has released an official statement on Mina’s current status and future plans.

On July 3, Mina went to her personal Instagram account to describe her experience of years of harassment by AOA colleague Jimin. On July 4, Mina announced that Jimin and the other members of the AOA had come to her house to discuss what had happened and she would no longer speak about it.

Hello, these are Woori actors.

We would like to explain what happened to our actress Mina.

On July 3rd, we were contacted by many reporters and fans about the events on social media. All calls made to the company were transferred directly to the mobile phone of the CEO of our agency, who responded personally to these calls.

The reason why we haven’t released an official statement while receiving and answering over 100 calls is because we couldn’t give an opinion on what happened to Mina before she switched to our agency. The reason we continued to respond to calls without an official explanation was because we wanted to explain the current situation to those who were concerned about reassuring people and keeping speculative articles from writing.

Our first and second priority was the mental stability and security of our actress at all times. We would like to take this opportunity to thank the reporters who understood this and did their best to deal with their reporting clearly and accurately.

Mina is resting. Thanks to the support and affection she received from many people, she was able to survive difficult times. For now, our agency will do our best to help Mina receive psychological treatment so that she can return in good health.

Because of this incident, Mina is concerned about whether she can continue her dream as an actress. We promise to do our best to ensure that Mina gets well and is an actress who can reach her full potential.

We would like to ask for your continued love and support for Mina.

We are also aware that there are malicious rumors and slanders in many places. That will result in more casualties. We sincerely ask that these rumors stop so that there are no more victims.

Finally, we would like to apologize for the concern and thank you again for the love and support you have shown for Mina.

We wish Mina all the best and hope to see her in good health again soon.

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