Will Michael Jordan appear with LeBron in Space Jam 2?

When LeBron called James or Michael Jordan became interested, neither went public. However, Maverick Carter’s comments make it clear that each role would most likely be a cameo over a significant portion. Carter told THR in 2018 that “LeBron and Michael are not sitting around talking about it Space Jam“Nevertheless, he and the other creative people in the film were open to the idea.

“Hopefully there will be a role for Michael if he wants to,” said Carter at the time. “It does not matter [if James] call him, he will do what the hell he wants, what he deserves the right to do. “

The nature of Jordan’s role could make him appear more in the character of Bill Murray’s last minute savior. It could also be more like the supporting roles of then-NBA stars Larry Bird, Charles Barkley and Larry Johnson, whose skills were stolen from a gang of alien thugs who responded to Danny Devito’s Mr. Swackhammer in the original film.

Although James and his creative partners would clearly not say no, the retired basketball champion, sports icon, and owner of the Charlotte Hornets simply don’t want to appear in the end. This was the case more than 20 years ago when a Space Jam Continuation was suggested first. According to Bob CampMichael Jordan, an animator tied to an unfortunate attempt, “was not the slightest interest in the project” that would have intersected upon his return from retirement. Allegedly, The Version of Space Jam 2 had only been given the green light because of a lie about his interest. Camp told Animated views that a nameless producer “said,” Yes, yes, Jordan is on. “But he lied. The guy hadn’t linked Jordan to the project.”

It seems Jordan is coming back for the LeBron James led Space Jam: A new legacy may prove difficult, but that makes it a slam dunk even more if he agrees.

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