Why Avis from Hollywood looks so familiar

LuPone’s most recent guest role was far from the warmth of Rabbi Shari. In the second season of the groundbreaking FX show about New York’s ballroom scene in the late 80s and early 90s poseLuPone has a malicious arc as real estate mogul Frederica Norman. We meet Frederica for the first time when she rents space to Blanca Rodriguez (Mj Rodriguez), who is about to open her own nail salon. Everything is peachy between the two women until Frederica finds out that Blanca is trans and tries to drive her away.

As LuPone explained during an interview in W magazineHer character was inspired by real estate tycoon and the infamous nightmare Leona Helmsley. “I mean, it’s kind of loosely based on Leona Helmsley,” said LuPone. “She is a rich woman who is likely to wear blinders. She is not a very open-minded person.”

However, LuPone does not share her character’s prejudices. When asked how much she likes to work with Mj Rodriguez, LuPone praised her young co-star: “Oh, she is fantastic … She is energetic, very disciplined and wears this coat. She is 28 years old and she is the star , the main character of this important show and the wonderful handling of it. “

No wonder Ryan Murphy continues to cast Patti LuPone with a kind heart that matches her award-winning acting skills.

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