Who is stargirl Origins, powers and employees of the DC character explained

Even though they’re relatively young as cartoon characters go, Stargirl is the newest heroine to continue two legendary legacies, but some fans may not be familiar with their origins or powers. Nevertheless, she is the ideal protagonist for a series that deals with family and history like DC Universe Stargirlwho will introduce Stargirl and the other heroes of the Justice Society of America to a mainstream audience for the first time.

While Justice Society of America Maybe it wasn’t the first superhero team in the world, but they were the most prominent group that emerged from today’s golden age of comics. Their ranks included the original versions of some of the most famous comic book heroes like The Flash and Green Lantern, but they are largely unknown to the general public. This is because they have either spent most of the past seven decades on worlds separate from the mainstream DC universe, or trapped in limbo – metaphorically and literally in the case of an 1980s plot.

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However, the JSA is ready to return on a grand scale, both in comics and on the streaming screen Stargirl. Stargirl, a.k.a. Courtney Whitmore, however, was not immune to the confusion caused by the continual restart and revision of the DC Comics multiverse. As a result, Stargirl has two different origins in the comics, and both are used for the new DC Universe series. Here you will find everything you need to know about Stargirl, her powers and her preferred weapon, the cosmic wand.

The Starman legacy

Cropped Starman Legacy Alex Ross

To understand the story of Stargirl, you have to look back first the Starman legacy. It started with Ted Knight, the first Starman to appear in for the first time Adventure comics # 61 in April 1941. Ted was a sprout of a family of old money and played as a privileged playboy like Bruce Wayne to disguise his secret life as a brilliant astronomer and engineer. It was these talents that allowed Ted to isolate a unique form of the cosmic energy generated by starlight and use it through a device he called Gravity Rod. Ted took the name Starman and used the powers granted by Gravity Rod to fight ordinary criminals and Nazi saboteurs as part of the Justice Society of America.

Ted found an heir in the form of Sylvester Pemberton, an acrobatic boy wonder named Star-Spangled Kid who first appeared in Star Spangled Comics # 1 in October 1941. Pemberton was a spoiled, rich child who sneaked out at night to fight crime, and his parents were no smarter. He was unique among the superheroes of the day because he was the star of his book and had an adult buddy. Pat “Stripsey” Dugan, the Pemberton family chauffeur. Both later joined the Justice Society of America, and Pemberton briefly swung the Gravity Rod when Starman was taken out of action. The two later worked to refine Gravity Rod technology and incorporate it into a portable device, the Cosmic Converter Belt, to better suit Pemberton’s fighting style. Pemberton took the name Skyman and founded the superhero team Infinity Inc., but tragically died young in a fight with the zombie Solomon Grundy.

The name Starman has been used by many heroes published by DC Comics over the years, but they never had a connection in common, except to use the same light-based energy that Ted Knight and Sylvester Pemberton had used. That changed with the release in 1994 Star man Series in which Jack Knight, Ted’s son with black sheep, took on the role of his father and learned to be both a hero and a good person – and that there was often a difference between the two. Over 81 editions and several specials, the series linked all the heroes who had ever been named Starman, and created a legacy for the future through a young girl named Courtney Whitmore.

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Stargirls comic book story explained

Stargirl and STRIPE

Courtney Whitmore first appeared in Stars and stripes # 0 Courtney was born and raised in Beverly Hills, California. He had to tragically move across the country to Blue Valley, Nebraska, a small town whose only claim to fame was to be the birthplace of Wally West before he fled to Keystone Town and became The Flash. This was due to the fact that her mother remarried a mechanic named Pat Dugan and the two decided to prefer bringing up their children from their first marriages in a small town. Of course, the children were not consulted on this election, and the only thing Courtney and her stepbrother Mike ever agreed on was that the move to Nebraska was shit.

As she unpacked, Courtney stumbled across a box of Pat Dugan’s memorabilia from his stripe days, including the original Star Spangled Kid costume and the Cosmic Converter Belt. Courtney modified the costume and wore it to a school dance with a patriotic theme to mock Pat, who acted as a supervisor while dancing. The dance was attacked by strange cultists in snake motifs and Courtney took action to protect her classmates. She was surprised when a giant robot helped her defend the crowd.

It turned out that Pat had thought about getting back into the superhero game and had built an Iron Man-style suit: the Special Tactics Robotic Integrated Power Enhancer, or STRIPE for short. This caused the stepfather and stepdaughter to bargain when they found that they had encountered a puzzle that needed to be researched. They would work together and continue to hide what they were doing from the rest of the family, with Pat playing protector to another teenager who wanted to play superhero.

Fortunately, Courtney has softened considerably and has proven to be a matter of course for the life of a superhero. She was later invited to join a reformed Justice Society of America made up of other young heroes who picked up on the names of yesterday’s heroes, including the daughter of the original Black Canary and Starman Jack Knight. Jack later retired from the superhero to focus on being the father of his two children, and entrusted Courtney with his branded jacket and goggles, along with the Cosmic Staff, a nifty form of his father’s original Gravity Rod that became a fighting stick worked. Courtney was not wearing goggles or a jacket, but she started to guide the cosmic wand and took the name Stargirl.

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Stargirl from DC Comics

Stargirl would receive a revised source story as part of the New 52 restart in 2011, introducing Courtney Whitmore into a world where there had never been a Justice Society of America or a Starman. In this world, Courtney took both the Cosmic Converter Belt and the Cosmic Staff from her stepfather’s office, Pat Dugan, and took them on a spin around Los Angeles. Courtney discovered a fire and entered to save the people trapped on the upper floors. This made her a celebrity overnight, and her stepfather reluctantly agreed to train her on belts and staff. Courtney took the name Stargirl without ever being the Star-Spangled Kid, and it was never explained how Pat Dugan got his belt and wand at all.

Stargirl was enlisted to be part of the Justice League of America from Amanda Waller, an ARGUS-backed superhero team that was supposed to undermine the independent Justice League. Courtney believed that she was being recruited honestly to be part of the effort to help people, but was dissatisfied that Waller was less interested in helping people than in using Courtney’s all-American good girl image to distract attention from their activities, questionable colleagues. Stargirl finally left the team disgusted and briefly joined a new independent group. Justice League Unitedbefore it disappears after the book is canceled. Stargirl was last seen in the mini series Doomsday clockamong the members of the Justice Society of America by Dr. Manhattan have been removed from the current DC Comics Universe.

Stargirls origins explained in the pilot

Cropped Stargirl CW poster

Stargirls genesis, as it is presented in the pilot episode of Stargirl contains elements from their two origins in the comics, although it prefers the original story in its fine details. Courtney Whitmore discovers her stepfather’s secret life while unpacking after moving to Blue Valley, Nebraska, and accidentally discovers something weird about her new school. The biggest change here and where her new comic book origin comes into play is that Courtney only discovers the cosmic wand among Pat Dugan’s belongings and not the cosmic converter belt, and she jumps to use the Stargirl name without first star To be spangled kid.

Stargirl’s powers and cosmic wand explained

Stargirl Courtney Whitmore with a cosmic wand

Stargirl has no innate powers; Courtney Whitmore is an ordinary young girl, albeit a sporty girl in excellent physical shape, with extensive training in gymnastics and martial arts. All of Courtney’s superpowers as a star girl in the comics and the show come from either the Cosmic Converter Belt or the Cosmic Staff.

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The cosmic wand uses a unique form of energy emitted by the starlight and is an artifact of great power comparable to a green lantern ring in terms of energy delivery and versatility. The cosmic wand can be used to control the original gravity so that its wearer can fly and other objects can float or increase gravity, making it more difficult to move or crush directly. The cosmic wand also creates a force field that can absorb and refocus most forms of energy, so Courtney can produce blinding light rays, focused lasers, heat rays, and virtually any type of energy in the electromagnetic spectrum. Because the cosmic wand is tuned to her, Courtney can control him without touching him, even though she’s still learning to fully master his potential and make him respond to her orders.

An interesting new fold on the show that has never been seen in the comics is that the Cosmic Staff seems to have its own spirit and a certain level of sensitivity, like Dr. Strange cloak. The cosmic wand keeps trying to pull Courtney into action, but it responds with far more force than Courtney would prefer, for example to set a tyrant’s car on fire when she was just trying to damage his tires. Another puzzle to be explored Stargirl That is why the cosmic staff even reacts to Courtney and refuses to work for others.

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