Watching shows while we wait for more Mandalorian

This comic book adaptation shows us what you can really do if you have enough money – for example, pay to adopt seven children from all over the world and try to put together a superhero team. The Netflix show features a cast that fills each role well, and visual effects that help establish a reality that is much more substantiated than it seems on paper. Regardless of your personality, you need to connect with at least one of the different characters in this extremely dysfunctional family.

The show begins with an apparently healthy, non-pregnant woman diving into a pool and rising out of the water a moment later during labor. As it turns out, 43 women from all over the world who showed no signs of pregnancy go to labor at the same time. A billionaire named Sir Reginald Hargreeves tries to adopt as many of these children as possible and gets seven of them. He brings them up as a superhero team he calls The Umbrella Academy but it only succeeds in pushing each of them away and turning them into tortured young adults who are desperate to flee from a past that will not let them escape.

There is a lot to unpack The Umbrella Academy, but storytelling is pretty seamless. Do not be foolish to think that you have seen the dynamics of the superhero team in all its forms. There is a form that you have not seen before and it will not be the family reunion you are expecting.

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