Watch: The Boyz enchants with powerful power to steal the crown in the preview “Road To Kingdom”

Watch: The Boyz enchants with powerful power to steal the crown in the preview "Road To Kingdom"

Mnet’s “Road to Kingdom” has shared another exciting preview for this week’s episode!

The upcoming third episode of the competition’s survival show will show the remaining performances and results of the first round, in which participants cover songs by legendary boy groups (“Song of Kings”).

In the new preview for “Road to Kingdom” The boyz are shown how they rehearse for their intense performance. Sangyeon explains that teamwork will be a key factor in their coverage Taemine“Danger”. He adds: “The performance has a lot of choreography that will only look cool if we trust each other.” During rehearsals, Sunwoo and Kevin continue to practice the difficult technical moves. Sunwoo says: “It’s not about doing it well, it’s about being able to do it.”

While The Boyz is preparing for the performance, the other participants express their anticipation for The Boyz’s performance, especially as they won first place in the preliminary 90-second showdown. The lights on the stage dim and the performance begins with a mysterious crown on the stage. ONF’s J-Us exclaims: “It’s a thief concept!” A mysterious text on the screen confirms J-Us’s suspicion that The Boyz is turning into thieves who want to steal the crown. Finally, the teaser shows how the other participants are blown away by The Boyz’s shocking performance.

The upcoming episode of “Road to Kingdom” will air on May 14th at 8pm. KST.

Check out the exciting teaser below!

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