Watch: NU’ESTs Minhyun and Jung Da Bin enjoy each other’s company as they film the confession scene on Live On.

Watch: NU’ESTs Minhyun and Jung Da Bin enjoy each other's company as they film the confession scene on Live On.

JTBCs “Live onPosted another look behind the scenes of the drama!

“Live On” is a romantic drama set at the Seo Yeon High School Broadcasting Club. I’m young plays Baek Ho Rang, the school’s celebrity and social media influencer who enters the club with suspicious motives, during NU’EST Minhyun plays Go Eun Taek, the club boss who is strict and a perfectionist.

In the new making-of video, Minhyun and Jung Da Bin film the scene in which Go Eun Taek Baek Ho Rang confesses. The two actors are on the roof of the school and seem relatively calm compared to the heartbreaking scene they’ll be shooting next.

While she waits, Jung Da Bin sticks her head between the bars of the guardrail and Minhyun exclaims in shock: “So your head fits in there? It is really amazing! “The director comments that Minhyun’s jacket is really big for her and Minhyun adds,“ It’s like a dress. ”Then he points out that Jung Da Bin’s head fits between the bars and says,“ I was really shocked! “

The two try to film the scene, but the wind keeps ruining their hair. Minhyun sings jokingly about the wind messing up his bangs and Jung Da Bin giggles before saying, “My hair has died.” Minhyun adds, “Your hair has turned to seaweed.” Despite the distractions, they can immerse themselves in their characters and act professionally.

During another break, the employee asks Jung Da Bin how it felt when Go Eun Taek confessed Baek Ho Rang, and she admits, “It was exciting! Honestly it was a bit crowning and I almost puked what I ate today but I managed to keep it up. “Minhyun looks shocked and disappointed with her answer and turns away while clearing his throat.

Minhyun also comments on the sweet scene, saying, “Go Eun Taek confessed his feelings to Baek Ho Rang with lines only seen in web novels. This is something I haven’t seen in a long time. The situation itself leaves my heart It’s even raining a bit and the night landscape is really nice. In addition, it’s 2:00 am. The weather and the location just go together perfectly, and I think that creates a nice atmosphere. “

Then he adds that it is the first time that Go Eun Taek has opened his heart and confessed to a girl. He explains: “So far he has only focused on the radio club and his studies. But thanks to Baek Ho Rang joining the club, it is starting to change. I think he can have different feelings about her. “

Check out the full making-of video below!

“Live On” is broadcast every Tuesday at 9 pm. KST.

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