Watch: Kim Ha Neul, Yoon Sang Hyun and Lee Do Hyun get a second shot in adulthood in “18 Again” teaser

Watch: Kim Ha Neul, Yoon Sang Hyun and Lee Do Hyun get a second shot in adulthood in "18 Again" teaser

The upcoming JTBC drama “18 Again” has released a new highlight teaser!

“18 Again” is based on the American film “17 Again” and tells the story of a man on the verge of a divorce who suddenly found himself back in the body of his 18-year-old self while he was an aspiring basketball star. Yoon Sang Hyun will play the older version of the protagonist Hong Dae Young, and Lee Do Hyun will appear as its youthful counterpart, known as Go Woo Young. Kim Ha Neul his wife will play Jung Da Jung.

The clip opens with newspaper clippings about how announcer Jung Da Jung was the top topic every day because of the shocking news that she is the mother of twins in high school. The headlines about her hidden husband, Hong Dae Young, said he was a mechanic in a laundromat and was in the middle of a divorce.

Photos of her and her husband’s adolescent counterpart carry the caption: “The man with whom Jung Da Jung is having an affair is in high school?”

The next headlines read: “A 37-year-old man turned 18?” and “What will be the fate of her and her husband, who has turned 18?”

The teaser jumps back to when Jung Da Jung and Hong Dae Young were in high school. In a voice over he says: “Boys have first loves. Just like rain without warning, these unfamiliar and confusing feelings pour down in a moment. For me you are my first love. “

Fast forward to this day when Jung Da Jung asks Hong Dae Young for a divorce. Confused, Hong Dae Young exclaims, “Why am I getting divorced?” He tells her children, “Don’t worry about mom and dad getting a divorce. Today I’ll find out if I can get a promotion. If I get a promotion, your mother’s feelings will change.”

Despite his optimism, Hong Dae Young cannot get a promotion. Angrily, he says to his boss: “I worked really hard. I’ve seen absolutely everything and held out for 10 years. Why can’t I get a promotion? “His boss replies calmly,” It’s your personality that your life doesn’t work. “

As he ponders his life on the basketball court, he wonders, “How did you get this way?” He takes one last shot when he thinks, “That’s it. Hong Dae Young, let’s go back! “

He wakes up in shock and finds himself in his 18-year-old body. He meets up with a high school friend again. His friend says to him: “This is good! You said you wanted to go back to that time. “Hong Dae Young agrees, saying,” That’s right. My children are all grown and now I am living my own life. “

In his new high school class, he introduces himself as Go Woo Young. Immediately he is targeted by his own daughter and learns about his son’s secret. Later he interrupts a parent-teacher meeting with his wife and daughter and exclaims: “This is absolute chaos!” His wife is immediately interested in him and repeatedly comments on how similar he looks to her husband.

Just like in high school, Go Woo Young saves Jung Da Jung from walking in front of a moving car while yelling, “I don’t know if you have any thoughts at all!” She replies, “Should you tell this to an adult? Why do you keep talking to me informally? “

Jung Da Jung later comments: “Even though I have raised her for 18 years, it is still difficult to raise children. I was fired from my job and got a divorce.” After securing a job as an announcer, Go Woo Young shows up to cheer her on before her first day at work. He comments, “I couldn’t see her smile for long. It’s pretty after seeing it for the first time in a while.”

At work, Jung Da Jung’s boss is furious that his top announcer is the mother of two. He exclaims, “Make sure this woman goes alone during her probationary period!”

Jung Da Jung comments: “I thought that if I only became an announcer, everything would fit together. Nowadays, I don’t know if I’m achieving my dream or just being greedy. “She meets again with a childhood friend who tells her,” What’s wrong with being greedy? Anyone who got congratulations from me and then went off to do something new did well. Everything will work for you too. “

While observing Da Jung from a distance, Go Woo Young Jung says, “This is a dream that you have worked so hard for. You can’t fall down over something like this. Don’t worry about Si Ah and Si Woo and get involved for your work. I’ll take care of the children by your side. “

The clip ends with Jung Da Jung staring at Go Woo Young and saying, “You. Hong Dae Young. “

Check out the full highlights teaser below!

JTBC’s “18 Again” premieres on September 21st at 9:30 pm. KST.

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