Watch: BTS ‘Suga (Agust D) talks about creating “D-2”, realizing his ideas for “Daechwita” MV, sword dancing and much more

Watch: BTS 'Suga (Agust D) talks about creating "D-2", realizing his ideas for "Daechwita" MV, sword dancing and much more

BTSSuga sat down for an interview to talk about his new mixtape!

On May 22nd Suga dropped his second mixtape “D-2” under his rapper name Agust D. He has now shared an interview from the set of his MV for the title track “Daechwita”.

“I had fun working on it,” he said when he introduced his new mixtape. “It was supposed to come out last year, but I still spent some time working on it. I think that made the mixtape a more complete job. “

He laughed a little when he said he didn’t know it would take him so long to get his next mixtape out (his first, “Agust D”, came out in August 2016). However, he explained that there were other priorities and that he wanted to record a lot of songs.

Suga said that he had met a lot with the director to plan the music video for “Daechwita”. He said: “They wanted to keep it minimal, but I said, ‘No matter what, I want to film it in a historical drama set. ‘So they came up with a script and edited parts, and Suga shared ideas for scenes he wanted. “I enjoyed the whole process,” he said.

When asked why he wanted a set that looked like historical drama, he said, “It fits the song well.” He laughed and added, “And I’ve liked historical dramas since childhood.”

“I used traditional Korean sounds a lot in my music, so I thought,” I should probably reduce it, I should put it here, “he said with a laugh.” That’s how the music video was made. “

He noticed that the scar on his face was his own idea, and part of his goal was to make the MV look optically satisfactory. Suga also said that he wanted to show interesting contracts in the MV by combining the traditional and the modern, such as the modern Agust D, which drives his car on a traditional set.

When asked why he wanted a scar on his eye, he said with a laugh: “It wasn’t a special reason, I just wanted it to be a bit shocking when I raised my face, that’s all.”

Suga also performs a sword dance in the MV and he said this was his first time. “Training was tough,” he said. “I had no idea that swords are so heavy.” He said that when they finished props, he looked for the type of sword he wanted (a Joseon Rwanda), brought 20 links together and sent them to the company to choose one.

“So I used a Rwanda made by a real swordsmith,” he revealed. “Ah, it was so hard, so it was a bit hard. So we exchanged the blade for aluminum. That’s how I did it, it was fun. I like to try new things that I have to do a lot this time. “

On the subject of which song he worked hard on, Suga said he had worked hard on everyone. He said that the quickest way to finish “Daechwita” was not to worry much about it.

“The title I hear a lot these days is called” People, “” he said.

He went on to say that the songs in this new mixtape deal with many different topics and compare it to his first mixtape, which mainly focused on stories from his past. “In this case it’s mainly about my gift,” he said.

He described the interlude “Set Me Free” as a new genre for him because he sang throughout the track and used a different vocal style. “It’s a completely new style that I’ve never tried,” he said. “The recording was fun. This time I took the whole picture myself. “

Suga’s new mixtape also includes collaborations and he was asked how to choose the artists he wanted to work with. “When I compose, when I write the melody, all I know is:” I want this artist, I want this artist with this style, “he said.” If I don’t find anyone, I just sing it myself. “

He then thanked his employees, including his group members RM, NiiHWA, NELL and MAX.

Suga described “D-2” in one sentence as “The Records of 28-Year-Old Agust D.” He said that he thought it would be fun to compare how his thoughts and views differ between his 2016 and 2020 mixtapes.

Watch the interview with English subtitles!

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