Twilight Time shuts down and starts the final Blu-ray sale

Twilight Time Shutting Down, Launches Final Blu-ray Sale

Twilight Time runs out and the final Blu-ray sale starts is sad to report this Twilight time, one of the most popular specialty labels for home videos, ceases to operate. Twilight Time is known for releasing classic and lesser known studio and cult films in limited editions of 3000 copies. No further titles will be published this summer and all activities will be discontinued.

As a result, they will also be on June 30th. In advance, there will be a one-time price cut for all Twilight Time titles – new prices that take effect immediately are $ 3.95, $ 6.95 and $ 11.95. Click here to buy the final sale!

Ten for $ 115: This offer has been continued and updated to include ALL titles in the top price range. Savings are applied automatically when you buy a group of ten from the $ 11.95 price range.

Here is a statement from the company:

After nine years of successful business, in which 380 films from the 1930s to 2010s were released on DVD and Blu-ray Disc, the home video label Twilight Time was highly acclaimed by the experienced Hollywood studio managers and filmmakers Brian Jamieson and the late one Nick Redman will not publish any more titles and we will cease operations this summer. A changing market, rising costs for title acquisitions and the death of long-time partner and company spokesman Nick Redman are the main reasons for the closure.

When it was launched in 2011, Twilight Time pioneered the concept of launching rare and distinctive limited-edition films of all genres with 3,000 units, available exclusively at two website destinations: Screen Archives Entertainment and later Twilight Time Movies. This allowed dedicated film fans to get physical copies of coveted titles that had no place in local stores. Nick aptly called the company Twilight Time because the concept of film as a physical commodity might have an expiration date sooner rather than later. Nick once said, “At the beginning, we never thought we would be there almost a decade before it was time for the sunset over the company.”

During this time, the Twilight Time catalog contained legendary films from the libraries of Twentieth Century Fox, Sony Pictures, MGM / United Artists, Universal Studios, Film 4, Protagonist Pictures, Toei Company and other companies and presented many Academy Award® and international ones award winning titles. Thanks to Nick Redman’s more than 30 years of work as an award-winning film music historian and conservator, most of the releases contain dubbed isolated music or music and effects tracks that provide a rare platform for the acclaimed and unsung composers so important to the filmmaking process. Many offerings also provided informative audio commentary tracks involving co-founder Redman and a variety of internationally known film historians who expertly contextualized and enhanced the viewing experience.

Right from the start, Twilight Time’s key players – essayist and commentator Julie Kirgo, packaging designer Louis Falzarano, soundtrack editor / music historian Mike Matessino, disc authoring supervisor Jeff Jewett and our project coordinator Mike Finnegan – have been indispensable and “best in “Played class roles in this unique company. We would also like to acknowledge the exceptional help from our sales and marketing partners on Screen Archives and Twilight Time Movies. We thank you from the bottom of our hearts, the recognized film collector. You have supported us on this wonderful journey and hopefully will continue to do so as long as these “unique” limited titles are still available to you.

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