“Tiger King” fans are crazy Danny McBride doesn’t play Joe Exotic in New Scripted Series

In the hours after the news spread that Nicolas Cage would be playing Joe Exotic on a Tiger King-based television series with a screenplay, many have expressed their disappointment on social media that Danny McBride was not cast instead. Given the popularity of the controversial Netflix star, it was inevitable that we would see someone do Joe in a scripted adaptation of the Tiger King History. It seems that many people had their fingers crossed for McBride to get the part, which made it clear that it was not the right decision to cast others.

“Bad casting decision. Should be Danny McBride,” is a blunt tweet, accompanied by an animated GIF from McBride in cowboy gear. “Danny McBride already has the damn costume!” Another fan tweets and publishes a photo of a mullet-headed McBride wearing a tiger tank top. Meanwhile, Twitter user Steven Benner’s reaction to the news has become much more dramatic. “The absolute audacity to have Nicolas Cage is Joe Exotic instead of Danny McBride. I am relieved. I am offended. My feelings are absolutely hurt,” Benner writes. And these tweets are just a tip of the iceberg, which has made McBride’s name trending online.

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The eight-episode mini-series was produced by Imagination Television Studios and CBS Television Studios and is based specifically on the Texas Monthly article “Joe Exotic: A Dark Journey into the World of a Man Going Wild” by Leif Reigstad. Dan Lagana is also reportedly on board as an author and showrunner, with Cage appearing as the Tiger King himself. Both Lagana and Cage are also executive producers. The series aims to examine how Joe Schreibvogel became better known as “Joe Exotic” and “how he got lost in a character of his own creation”.

The good news here is that McBride may still get the chance to play Joe Exotic in a separate screenplay or television series. According to reports Saturday night live Star Kate McKinnon develops one Tiger King own series in which she will appear as Joe’s rival, Carole Baskin, CEO of Big Cat Rescue. So far, Joe Exotic’s role for this series has not been filled, so there will always be more ways for other actors to play him. While Dax Shepard and other celebrities have volunteered for the role, that is Tiger King himself said he wanted either Brad Pitt or “Joe Dirt” to play him.

As talented as Nicolas Cage and Danny McBride may be, every actor will have great challenges when trying to bring Joe Exotic to life on the big screen. After all, we have never seen a character that is very similar to the type we have come to know through popularity Tiger King Series on Netflix, and it will be difficult to make it so entertaining. Still, if it needs to be done, Cage is certainly not the worst choice, even if he’s not a Danhy McBride. On Twitter you can see some of the answers to Cages Casting as Joe Exotic below.

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