“The Veil” actors share admiration for one another, discuss their chemistry, and more

"The Veil" actors share admiration for one another, discuss their chemistry, and more

Namgoong Min, Park Ha Sun, and Kim Ji Eun spoke about the collaboration in the upcoming MBC drama “The veil“!

“The Veil” is a new blockbuster action drama starring Namgoong Min as Han Ji Hyuk, an elite field agent whose perfect record and ability to complete missions make him an NIS (National Intelligence Service) legend. But just as he finally seems to have succeeded in cornering an organized crime syndicate, Han Ji Hyuk suddenly disappears from the face of the earth. After losing his memories and being missing for a year, he courageously returns to the organization to find the traitor responsible for his demise.

Park Ha Sun will take on the role of Seo Soo Yeon, a team leader at the National Intelligence Service’s Crime Information Center. Kim Ji Eun will play Yoo Je Yi, an elite agent who joined the NIS at the age of 20 and is highly regarded by the agency.

Commenting on his chemistry with Park Ha Sun and Kim Ji Eun, Namgoong Min said, “Both actresses have a very deep passion for acting. First of all, actress Park Ha Sun is serious [about her acting] and delves deep into her character, and it was so nice and easy to play with actress Kim Ji Eun because she emphasized the unique vibrancy and dual personality of Yoo Je Yi. “

Then he added, “I met actress Kim Ji Eun in the drama ‘Doctor Prisoner’ and thought, ‘She’s a good actress!’ I remember seeing her again on a set where I was doing a commercial I shot again with her in ‘The Veil’. “

Park Ha Sun shared her thoughts on Namgoong Min, who gained about 10 kilograms (about 22 pounds) from exercising, and said, “I was surprised because Namgoong Min gained weight quickly in a few weeks. He is known to work hard, but through him I have recognized a lot of things and learned a lot. “

Then she mentioned Kim Ji Eun and commented, “Kim Ji Eun is someone who exudes the confidence of a rookie actress. When we filmed together for the first time, both the look in her eyes and [the way she said] Her lines portrayed Yoo Je Yi, and I had a feeling that she is a strange but mysteriously beautiful actress. I was impressed with the way she kept thinking [about her role] and how she scolded herself. I’m looking forward to [what she will do] in the future.”

Kim Ji Eun said she was honored to work with Namgoong Min and Park Ha Sun. She said, “All I can say about Namgoong Min is that he is really great. From his character analysis to his physical appearance, he comes to the set in the form of Han Ji Hyuk. When I ask him various questions, he listens carefully and gives me generous encouragement. “

Commenting on her teamwork with Park Ha Sun, Kim Ji Eun said, “When I’m nervous and having problems on set, she pats me on the back and on the mouth, ‘You’re doing well.’ She also listens to my concerns about them Acting and giving me advice from my point of view, so she’s a senior actress with so many sides that I want to take on. “

“The Veil” premieres on September 17th at 10pm. KST and will be available with subtitles on Viki.

In the meantime, watch a teaser for the drama below!

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