The end of upload season 1 explained

For most of UploadIn the first nine episodes, we believe that Nathan is a personable character. His goal of launching a free version of the hereafter seems noble, especially given the economic stratification caused by the Lakeview system. His death does not seem to be his doing at all, first because he is the victim of a car accident and second because of his overzealous girlfriend Ingrid who uploads him even though he might get through. His romance with Nora is one for which we should take root despite the mortal barrier between them.

As the season climaxes, both Nathan and the viewer learn that not everything is as it seems. After a system-wide update of the hereafter, Nathan finds the missing piece of his memory restored and it is reflected pretty badly in him. It turns out that he wasn’t quite as altruistic as we thought, because when Ingrid’s father offered him a sum of money to sell his business partner and hand over his code, Nathan took him and betrayed his friend and What we thought were his values ​​in one fell swoop.

This is devastating to Nathan, but also a blow to his relationship with Nora, since his goal of a free life after death was one of the reasons why she fell in love with him at all. To make matters worse, Nathan, ashamed of what he has just learned about himself, pretends not to remember Nora at all thanks to the update.

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