The director of “Flower Of Evil” explains his intentions behind impressive episode end scenes

The director of "Flower Of Evil" explains his intentions behind impressive episode end scenes

The director of “Flower of evil“Broken down the way certain scenes are filmed and the message he wants to convey.

tvN’s “Flower of Evil” stars Lee Joon Gi as Baek Hee Sung, a man who hides his past as Do Hyun Soo and pretends to love his wife Cha Ji Won (played by Moon Chae won). As a detective, Cha Ji Won begins to suspect that her husband may be a serial killer, and the couple are ultimately forced to face a dark truth that they never wanted to face.

Thanks to its exciting plot, but also partly due to the extremely impressive endings of each episode, the suspenseful thriller achieved impressive audience numbers. Although each episode had its own unique and eye-catching conclusion, director Kim Chul Gyu selected the three most exciting endings and outlined his specific intentions for each one.


Episode 1 – Use of the room and the basement that holds the secrets behind Lee Joon Gi and Moon Chae Won’s seemingly happy marriage

The premiere of “Flower of Evil” showed the happy everyday life between the couple Baek Hee Sung and Cha Ji Won. The ending, however, took an extreme turn when Baek Hee Sung’s true identity as Do Hyun Soo and his workshop on the first floor was revealed. Most recently, they revealed the secret basement where he locked Kim Moo Jin (Seo Hyun Woo) who knows the secret of Do Hyun Soo.

Regarding his reason for choosing this two-story house to portray these secrets, Kim Chul Gyu stated, “When it comes to video content, I think that a character’s surroundings often explain his personality or circumstances better than any line or story.”

He continued, “In this regard, the second floor is the warm and peaceful family room, while the first floor is the workshop and the space that connects you with the outside world and other people. The decision to use the basement as a repository for his dark secret fits in with Do Hyun Soo’s complicated and secret situation. I thought that it was necessary for the character Do Hyun Soo to have all these separate locations in one place in order to switch between its extremely complex and layered sides and continue this interesting and nerve-wracking story. “

Episode 5 – Contrasts, the Music Video, and Moon Chae Wons Emotions After Seeing Lee Joon Gi passed out

The ending of Episode 5 left viewers extremely emotional when Cha Ji Won sobbed as she saved Do Hyun Soo from drowning. In his hazy state, Do Hyun Soo looked at his wife and experienced a change in emotions. Unlike his former self, who insisted he didn’t understand emotions, he realized what it was like to apologize for the first time and experienced regrets. The scene showed Cha Ji Won’s reflection in the water as she saved her husband, and some viewers interpreted this to mean that she saved not only Baek Hee Sung, but his hidden identity, Do Hyun Soo, as well.

Regarding this view, Kim Chul Gyu shared, “This drama has a lot of hidden contrasts. Especially the contrast between good and bad, lies and truth, love and hate, and although this is a slightly different concept, the contrast between melodrama and thriller. I think the way these conflicting ideas are in full force creates the tension that becomes the strength that sustains the plot. “

The director added: “In the middle is the character Do Hyun Soo, who is very different from the other characters in the drama. At the same time, it has all of the previously mentioned contrasts in it. Simply put, he’s an annoying character (not just to himself but to other characters as well), but for that reason he’s also a charming character. I believe the ending of Episode 5 symbolically shows what kind of character Do Hyun Soo is. “

Additionally, a music video showing the emotional scene of Cha Ji Won was broadcast after the episode, and no preview of her next broadcast. Regarding this decision, the director stated: “There were two intentions. The first is that episodes 1 through 5 focused on incidents and the end of episode 5 marked that midpoint. I wanted to send the message that from episode 6 onwards we would focus more on emotions than on specific incidents and present a slightly different story for the time being. “

He continued, “The second is that the effects of ending Do Hyun Soo in critical condition were too strong. Realistically, we’ve found that it would be inconvenient to preview it differently immediately. “

Episode 8 – The real Baek Hee Sung versus the fake Baek Hee Sung

In episode 8, viewers were shocked to see the real Baek Hee Sung (played by) Kim Ji Hoon) Waking up after passing out. This scene was juxtaposed with the face of the fake Baek Hee Sung (Lee Joon Gi) who had used his name and identity and gave viewers the chills.

Regarding this legendary ending, Kim Chul Gyu shared, “What is probably most intriguing to viewers is: What will the real Baek Hee Sung do?” “What role will he play?” And “What will it be? the relationship between the two Baek Hee Sung? “I think that ending came from thinking about what would increase curiosity about these questions.”

Episode 9 left an impression with its explosive ending depicting the tense emotions between Do Hyun Soo and Cha Ji Won, while Episode 10 marked an emotional ending when Cha Ji Won’s fellow detective discovered her husband’s true identity. With audience comments like “Every episode seems to be the finale,” viewers’ expectations and excitement for the remaining episodes continue to rise.

Watch the next episode of “Flower of Evil” on Wednesday September 2nd at 10:50 pm. KST. The episode from Thursday will be replaced by a special program.

Check out the latest installment of Flower of Evil below!

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