The cast of “Good Girl” talks about why they wanted to appear on the show, hopes and fears and much more

The cast of "Good Girl" talks about why they wanted to appear on the show, hopes and fears and much more

On May 14, Mnet’s upcoming hip-hop reality show “Good Girl” hosted an online press conference with the cast MC DinDin and production manager (PD) Choi Hyo Jin.

“Good Girl” aims to put the spotlight on female hip hop and R&B artists by teaming up to complete quests where they appear and compete against the show to win a prize. The performers include Girls’ Generation Hyoyeon, cheetah, Ailee, Jamie (formerly Park Jimin), Lee Young Ji, Sleeq, Yeeun from CLC, Yunhway, Jiwoo from KARD and QUEEN WA $ ABII.

At the press conference, PD Choi said: “After doing Show Me the Money for several years, it was time to start a new program. I wanted to make content based on hip hop and after discussing it with different artists, I thought about a program in which musicians would work together. There are several factors, such as brilliant performances and the approach of the musicians. “

She continued: “At first we only wanted to cast people from the hip hop scene. But in music it is sometimes difficult to meet people who work in different genres. For this reason, we have decided to occupy a large number of people. “

Hyoyeon said, “I chose to appear on the show because I thought I could show a new side of myself by doing different stages and working with artists who have their own unique style.” Ailee added: “I chose Hyoyeon for the same reasons. I’m used to being alone on stage, but I wanted to try different styles of music with a variety of artists. “

Cheetah said: “We weren’t in teams on” Unpretty Rapstar “.” Good Girl “is a team effort. I really liked the idea of ​​being on a program with a purely female line-up. Instead of fighting or competing with each other see, look forward to how much money we can take from Mnet. “

Jamie, who recently changed her stage name, said, “I don’t think changing my name is a great opportunity, but an opportunity to show a more natural side of myself that I hadn’t shown before. I’m on stage very serious, but I hope people don’t take me too seriously in real life. “

Yeeun from CLC and Jiwoo from KARD appear on the show without their respective groups. Yeeun said, “I was under pressure to be alone at first, but after a while it was fun. I think working with the “Good Girl” crew will be a good experience for me. “Jiwoo said,” I was nervous that for the first time I was doing something alone without the members, but everyone helped me and I enjoyed filming. “

The artists had nothing but praise and compliments for each other. Ailee said, “Cheetah looks tough, but she’s cute.” Sleeq said, “Everyone is like Beagles.” QUEEN WA $ ABII said: “Nowadays women are helping each other. Imagine us as a group of 10 girls.”

“Good Girl” premiered on May 14th at 9:30 p.m. KST.

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