The Boyz, ONEUS, ONF, PENTAGON and VERIVERY share their thoughts after the finale “Road To Kingdom”

The Boyz, ONEUS, ONF, PENTAGON and VERIVERY share their thoughts after the finale "Road To Kingdom"

After “Road to Kingdom” ended, the five groups in the finals expressed their thoughts on the experience and thanked everyone for their help along the way.

The winners of the show The boyz said of her agency to the DongA outlet: “First of all we would like to thank our fans, The B, who made it so that we could become the final winner of ‘Road to Kingdom’.” At the Many employees who have worked so hard in the past four months, as well as all of our members who have been on this trip together. “

“We felt mixed feelings that we couldn’t describe in words every time a dream of ours that seemed so far away came true,” they said. “But we thought we should become a great group that can continue to show you performances that can make up for everything.”

“We will continue to do our best to ensure that the support and trust that you have given us does not change. We hope you continue to watch us,” they said.

The members shared photos and thank-you messages with the fans on Twitter. Sangyeon wrote: “Many thanks to The B for this valuable win. I love you i am so happy “He added in English:” I love you The B !!! Forever “and wrote” The Boyz came first with The B “in Korean.

Jacob expressed thanks and love for the B.

Ju Haknyeon wrote: “Thank you very much, really. I’ll keep trying so you can say anywhere, “I’m a The B. My idol is The Boyz.”

Kevin simply wrote “omg” in a tweet and later tweeted to say, “It was even a thing yesterday that loool just wanted to thank you again.”

Q shouted to The B and said, “We got in first !!!!!! Thank you very much, you did it so well. “

Juyeon wrote: “Thank you, The B. I love you very much.”

Younghoon wrote: “Today is the happiest day of 2020. Thanks to everyone at The B. I also really love you. We will show you better sides of us in the future. The Boyz is here because of the B. I love you, the B. “

Sunwoo wrote: “I have learned so much from our colleagues on all other teams and have again confirmed that I can do anything for our B. I love you, the B, I love you.”

The boyz also shared group photos with the headline in English: “Thanks for the 1st place. You made it possible. “

Eric wrote: “The B .. what can I say? Many thanks. I’m serious. “Always remember Eric loves you.”

Hyunjae wrote: “Thank you for the special day The B. created. I will work harder.”

The runner-up ONF spoke to Newsen after the finale. They shared that they were both grateful and sad that “Road to Kingdom” was over after thinking and practicing so much that they stayed awake all night.

“All participants showed the best performance by performing their own unique achievements, so it seems that we also learned a lot during the competition,” they said. “ONF was able to grow more through” Road to Kingdom “and we are very happy that we were able to show our fans many different performances.”

“Those four months were so pleasant that time felt short, and if we got a chance, we would like to try playing again,” continued ONF. They shared their thanks and love for the staff who had helped them create their appearances and for their Fuse fans who always supported them.

U wrote on Twitter: “Thank you for cheering us on !! I learned a lot and could grow! I will continue to show you cool gigs! ONF, you did it so well ~~~~~ !!! I love you, Fuse !!!!!!! ”

Wyatt wrote, “Thank you for loving us, enjoying our performances, and supporting us with Road to Kingdom. I am always grateful and we will try to do better in the future. Thank you everyone. “

Hyojin wrote, “Many thanks to Fuse for helping us a lot during Road to Kingdom. The result was a shame, but it is thanks to Fuse that we were able to finish the last performance well. They will continue to support ONF, right? I love you, Fuse. “

MK said: “Our backup, I am so grateful and happy to be with you.”

J-Us wrote: “‘Road to Kingdom’ was so much fun until the end and I think it will be a good memory! Our backup, which cheered us to the end! I love you.”

E-Tion wrote: “’Road to Kingdom’ was such a valuable experience and memory, and everything I feel is happy and grateful because I have won so much of it. Our backup, thank you very much and I love you. Rest today, you did it well. “

PENTAGON Members also went to Twitter to share thoughts with their fans that Cube translated.

In an audio clip of their voices, the boys say that their fans have been working hard and doing a good job for them over the past few months. “UNIVERSE is the best!” one says. “We love you very much! Thank you.”

Keonhee from ONEUS wrote on Twitter: “I slept well. After waking up, everything that happened until yesterday feels like a dream. I have a feeling that I’ve been living such a good dream so far because of the bright moonlight that our To Moon was shining on us. Thank you so much that we can stand on the stage. Let’s make good memories together! I am always grateful and I love you, To Moon. “

Xion wrote: “Thanks to To Moon, these eight weeks were so happy. I think I learned a lot and grew through “Road to Kingdom”. The show is over, but now it’s just the beginning that we’re together every day! I will be a singer you can be more proud of in the future. Thank you for your calming presence next to us. I really miss you. I love you again today, our To Moon. “

VERIVERY spoke to Sports Donga about their agency and said: “‘Road to Kingdom’ was a great springboard for VERIVERY.” They went on to say, “We would like to thank the audience who showed a lot of interest and love for VERIVERY, the senior and junior artists who were on the show with us, the staff and our fans, and we will do one Group that can make up for everything. “

Yeonho posted on Twitter: “Our Beautiful-x VERRER !! Thank you for being with us until the end! It was great during “Road to Kingdom”. Please look forward to seeing how we get cooler in the future! “

Hoyoung wrote: “The last episode of” Road to Kingdom “is over today! Many thanks to the staff and others who worked so hard and to our VERRER who watched over us.”

Kangmin wrote: “I love you, always without changing. Many thanks to my members, our VERRER, the employees of “Road to Kingdom”, the participants, all spectators and our employees. You are all good! “

Dongheon wrote: “The identity of Beautiful-x was our CRAZY! You went through so much while feeling anxious with us, our VERRER !! You’ve been doing so well in the past three months. We were so nervous today … “I’m VERRERS pride !!” These words keep me going now. “

Gyehyeon wrote: “Our VERRER who ran with us, you did a great job. I think we ended it well thanks to the support and love we received from VERRER! We will be VERIVERY and Gyehyeon who will make up for the love you give. Our VERRER, you also worked hard. Goodbye, ‘Road to Kingdom’! “

Minchan said, “Road to Kingdom” is over !!!! You all worked hard !! Now we are aiming for a new beginning, which is our comeback !!!!!!! Many thanks to VERRER for the support. Beautiful-x was VERRER !!! ”

Yongseung wrote: “x = VERRER, always.”

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