The boyz discuss how they matured, ups and downs of a large group, and much more

The boyz discuss how they matured, ups and downs of a large group, and much more

The latest issue of Vogue magazine features the handsome members of The boyz!

The group referred to themselves as a “developing group” and stated that they can confidently say that they will continue to grow in the future and look forward to their future selves.

After winning Mnet’s “Road to Kingdom”, The Boyz recently returned with their fifth mini-album “CHASE” and the title track “The Stealer”. When asked what “Road to Kingdom” means to them, Eric replied, “Show”. He said, “There are so many incredibly talented idol groups in Korea. I think the boyz are very talented too. It was hard to get attention because there are so many other groups, but I think we were able to show the potential through Road to Kingdom. I think “Road to Kingdom” was our turning point. “

The interviewer stated that the only question they really wanted to ask the group was, “How are you doing so well?” After collecting the members’ responses, they concluded that the secrets were their “mental attitudes” and their “energy”. Eric added, “In order to be recognized, all members decided that we would do anything and everything. Our first appearance for “Danger” received such a positive response. We had asked our dance teacher what we should do for the next rounds if we put everything into this performance. We even asked, “Do we have to come by helicopter?” We all thought we couldn’t do better on the first lap, but we could continue to perform well if we’d combined all of our ideas. “

The group also explained their singing, “The Boyz Get It? Got it! “What they scream before performing. They explained,” During the commercials you get tired and everything gets pretty chaotic. We did this singing to avoid mistakes on stage. Instead of something simple like, “We can To do “saying it has the meaning of” let’s take care, let’s get it right, and let’s do it well. “If we sing this before we go on stage, we get strength.”

Last year, Billboard described The Boyz as “a group that is maturing and enjoying what they do”. Juyeon agreed with that sentiment, commenting, “There are so many personal challenges, but I think I pay a lot of attention to the mood that only comes when you are really enjoying yourself. In the past I have had more concerns about doing well than amusing myself. When I watch videos from our debut I don’t look really relaxed. I really think that experience and confidence are the most important parts. “

As the group grew, New touched his personal development. He shared, “At first I was a member who really lacked dance. Our choreography was so difficult that sometimes I said I couldn’t perform live. Fascinatingly, the more I do it, the better it works. “

New also talked about his reluctance to appear on Road to Kingdom. He explained, “We make music to be happy so I don’t want to get stressed about a competition. But my members often told me that I could take on this kind of challenge. That’s why I’m so grateful to my members. It was like that hard to remember choreography in such a short time, but there were so many moments when it was comforting to only have the 10 by my side. “

Along with many of her other title tracks, Sunwoo has participated in the rap-making of The Boyz’s latest song “The Stealer”. He called the key to writing text “imagination” and stated, “I’ve had such a great imagination since I was young that even when I see the same thing, I see it differently. For example, if it is a fact that “the candle went out because you blew on it,” then I imagine in detail the emotions that led to the candle being blown out and why it was blown. “

Sunwoo continued, “Although I usually get stuck before writing, my lyrics are kind of finished when I imagine something after listening to the MR. I try to convey emotions that many people have felt. When I write an honest story, I will someone can relate to it. Although songs that give hope are good too, I hope to one day give our fans a song that is like an autobiography. “

Despite having 11 members, Q stated that The Boyz each have different energies and styles. Sangyeon added, “It is our strength that we are a group with many members because we can fill the stage with no dancers and tell a story through a performance of ourselves.” Ju Haknyeon intervened with a comical disadvantage and announced, “Food delivery! You know how it takes about 50 minutes when you order food for one? When 11 people order it takes a really long time. “

Juyeon revealed that while they are very different, they are slowly starting to resemble each other. Comparing The Boyz to a group of classmates, he said, “There are these friends that you can see wherever you go. However, playing with these friends is the most fun. I also have the most fun hanging out with my members. I’m just talking about what to do and what to eat. “

Eric added that even if he can rest, he goes on vacation with his members. When asked why in the world they do this, he said it was obvious because its members were like family members and close friends.

As the group leader, Sangyeon praised the member’s individual talents. He noted, “When you hear a song the flow can get boring, but the effect is revived when Sunwoo’s raps come out. It feels like it really fills the song or the stage. Even though we have so many members, Q does so well in the center and really conveys our overall energy. “

Hyunjae added, “Even though Eric is ours MaknaeHe gives off the energy that we have to do well. Jacob gives you that positive influence that makes you wish you worked half as hard as him or were half as nice. No matter what you do, he makes you think you can. “

Amid her busy comeback prep, Q spoke of overseeing the performances of other singers like Sunmi and Chungha. He shared, “I really like the way they create their stages to make you feel overwhelmed so I’m thinking about what I can do to emulate that. I hope that in the future the audience will feel more overwhelmed by different music and energy. “

Younghoon recently made an acting debut as the first The Boyz member as a student in “Love revolution. ”He noted:“ I worked really hard because it was a challenge for me and I didn’t want to let our fans down. At first I thought that the best thing to do was not think about acting as an actor. At first it was missing it really does me, but I got more confident after getting closer to the other actors. Although I want to keep acting, I also know very well that I can act because I exist as The Boyz. At my core, I’ve always been The Boyz . “

The group also discussed their name and what it means to them. They stated, “We believe that as boys we must continue to have moments and convey youth and energy. The names of Girls’ Generation and Super Junior do not change over time either. Since we’ve also engraved the fresh vibe of The Boyz, we’d like to keep showing that too. “

For his future goals, New said, “I want to make music that people like. Just as I get influence from music, I want to give that influence to others. “Jacob agreed and said,” I want to become a singer who can heal many people through my music. I want to create songs that have a deep meaning and tell my story. “

Juyeon passionately added, “I want to become an idol who represents the next generation. Just like now with BTS and EXO. “

Most recently, the group spoke about how much they miss meeting their fans. Younghoon noted, “Because of COVID-19, it always feels like we’re in rehearsals, even when we’re on stage.” I hope that this difficult situation will end soon, so that I get strength when I hear the cheers from our fans and chat with them. “

The Boyz are currently promoting their latest title track “The Stealer”, which tops the charts both domestically and worldwide. The group recently took home their first win for the song on “Show Champion”.

Check out Younghoon in “Love Revolution” below!

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