Stray kids are surprised by Got7s BamBam and DAY6s Wonpil during the live broadcast before the comeback

Stray kids are surprised by Got7s BamBam and DAY6s Wonpil during the live broadcast before the comeback

Got7’S Bam Bam and DAY6s Wonpil showed love too Stray children before the group’s upcoming comeback!

On September 13th, Stray Kids hosted a special live broadcast to talk about their highly anticipated return with their new, repackaged album “IN 生” (“IN LIFE”) due out the next day.

At one point during the broadcast, BamBam made a surprise appearance when he joined Stray Kids’ group chat, which was broadcast live. After an incredibly chaotic text exchange, Bang Chan finally called BamBam, who congratulated the Stray Kids members on their comeback and over the phone asked them a series of questions.

Bang Chan, who trained with BamBam before his debut in Got7, thanked his long-time friend for his consistent support and said: “I was really grateful to BamBam when“ God’s Menu ”came out. As soon as the song was released he contacted me right away and said it sounded great. To be honest, I was really touched at the time. Thank you.”

BamBam replied, “I said that on a Solo V Live show back then, but“ God’s Menu ”is my favorite Stray Kids song. Everything about it was great.” Bang Chan was jokingly worried that he would hear about her next Title track would be disappointed and the Got7 member assured him, “No, no. After seeing your teaser, I already like the beat of the song.”

BamBam also asked: “Felix always seems to be responsible for the ‘killing parts’ in Stray Kids songs. I can be happy for sure [your part] also in this upcoming song? “

The other Stray Kids members told him he could definitely look forward to it, and Felix added humbly, “I’m sure you can look forward to it, but I hope you look forward to all parts of the members, not just Bergwerk. [Our title track] “Back Door” has a special meaning as each member has their own deadly part in the song. “

BamBam pointed out that they have known each other for 10 years and asked Bang Chan, “What kind of friend am I?” After Bang Chan laughed in embarrassment, he replied, “From the start, I knew immediately that he was someone I would be friends with for a long time.”

He added, “In the past we have shared many secrets, taken good care of each other, and shared our concerns. But the amazing thing is that after a certain point we couldn’t spend time together – and even after that time when we were apart we are still such friends and I am so grateful to you for that. I feel so comfortable around you and I think you give me a lot of strength. I am grateful for you as a friend. “

Finally, BamBam asked the other Stray Kids members what kind of leader Bang Chan was before joking that he would give them a meal without Bang Chan later so that they could personally provide an honest answer.

Later on on the show, Wonpil similarly surprised Stray Kids by showing up on their group chat.

After this Seungmin The DAY6 member called him on the phone and asked his younger label mates warmly if they could get enough sleep these days. He also reminded them to take their vitamins and to watch their voices carefully during their promotions.

Wonpil then asked, “Can I hear your new song today?” When the Stray Kids members told him to wait until tomorrow, he complained, “I was really looking forward to it!”

Wonpil played the title of their new album and asked the idols about their happiest moments “in life”. Lee Know replied, “When I brought my cat home for the first time. I have three cats, but when I brought my first cat home, I had big problems on the bus. I was very happy when I finally got home. “

Hyunjin shared: “For me it was the day we held our first concert. I don’t think I can ever forget the joy I felt during our first concert. “Wonpil replied,” That’s right, I was there! I had so much fun watching you guys. It was a very different format from our concerts and I really enjoyed seeing it. Even though you thought it was your first concert, you had unit performances prepared and everything. Just because I saw you, could I feel your passion. Not as a label colleague, but only from the point of view of an ordinary concert-goer, I could feel your strength and passion. “

Hyunjin then nervously asked if Wonpil had attended the first or second night of their concert. When Wonpil replied, “The second,” he recalled with an embarrassed laugh, “I cried so much the second night.” Wonpil reassured him, “But it was really cute.”

Wonpil added that he fully understood how they must have felt that night and recalled, “I tore up too. All of the [Stray Kids] Members cried a lot, but Hyunjin cried so much. When I saw that, I was torn too. Really.”

Stray Kids return with their new, repackaged album “IN 生” (“IN LIFE”) with the title track “Back Door” on September 14th at 6pm. KST. Check out their teasers here!

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