Star Wars confirms what we always hoped for from C-3PO

Extension of the sweet and sentimental exchange between Artoo and Threepio towards the end of Rise of the skywalkerKogge weaves a version of events in which the entire memory of C-3PO is reactivated (via ScreenRant). Its memory contains memories until the first time Anakin turned it on, including all of these long-forgotten prequel events. Kogge describes the exact moment when R2-D2 switches Threepio’s entire memory pretty poetically.

“This resulted in a memory file restored by R2-D2 being accessed and read,” wrote Kogge. “It was a record of the moment when the manufacturer of C-3PO inserted a photoreceptor into his eye socket and experienced the visual spectrum for the first time. The first image his photoreceptors took was a blue and white astromech.”

The intimate droid exchange in the film was by no means one of them Episode IXThe most controversial or confusing moments, but there have been some debates among fans wondering how much he should remember. Unlike other scenes that were seen as direct action holes, most conversations about the second hard reset of C-3PO were less about logic and more about dramatic effects. Some believed the victim was beautiful and should not have been manipulated, while others supported the film’s outcome.

With the last chapter in the Skywalker saga, which Disney + hits on May 4th, months earlier than expected, fans have another opportunity to discuss which result they would have preferred. Regarding the big picture story and its counterpart to prose, the restoration is a mostly sentimental move, since the First Order was already defeated at this point. Still, try not to get emotional if R2-D2 is the first thing C-3PO has ever seen.

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