SBS clears controversy over TWICE’s “Inkigayo” Encore Fancam

SBS clears controversy over TWICE's "Inkigayo" Encore Fancam

SBS has released a statement clarifying rumors of its video by TWICE’S“InkigayoEncore.

On June 14th, TWICE won their fifth music show for their latest title track “MORE & MORE” on SBS’s “Inkigayo”. As usual, SBS later published an “encore fan cam” online – a fixed video of the winner’s encore performance.

Shortly thereafter, however, the video sparked controversy when some fans claimed to hear an SBS employee talk about TWICE at the end of the clip. Although a male voice was clearly heard at the end of the video, there was some debate about what he said – but rumors soon spread like wildfire that the man in question had said, “Wow, you can sing really bad. ”

When fans asked SBS to clarify the rumors and apologize, the broadcast network released both an official statement and a video explaining that everything was a misunderstanding. SBS explained that the male voice heard in TWICE’s video was not an employee, but the audio of a commercial that aired on “Inkigayo”.

As Encore Fancam videos capture the overall encore performance of an “Inkigayo” winner, including the portion after the music show aired, SBS released a video that shows how the male voice that sparked the controversy with the broadcast commercial matched during the addition of TWICE. According to SBS, the audio made it into TWICE’s fan cam because the commercial was heard through the studio’s PA system.

In addition, the footage revealed that the spoken words were actually “completing my intellectual picture” and not “wow, they can sing really badly”.

Watch the full SBS statement – and the explanatory video – below:

Clarification of the controversial audio

Thank you to everyone who loves SBS K-Pop.
It has been speculated that a member of our SBS K-Pop team criticized the first addition of TWICE today, so we’re clarifying the matter.
To get to the point, this was just a small coincidence, but first of all we would like to apologize for creating the misunderstanding by posting a video without cleaning up the audio.

In order to understand the circumstances under which the audio concerned got into the video, we first explain how the live performances of “Inkigayo” work.

Due to the nature of the live broadcasts, we cannot predict exactly when the show will end. Therefore we take a lot of time for the first encore. Since the first encores are also a time for the artists to communicate with their fans on stage, they sing their songs freely on stage in the concert hall. But in terms of what is seen in the air [we do not air the full performance]. We continue in the middle of the song to preview the next program and then commercials.

As a result, Inkigayo employees continue to monitor what is broadcast [on SBS] through the commercials that follow the show to the title screen of the following program.
Even if the artist has finished the performance and left the stage, the “on-air audio” continues to be played on the PA system, so that all employees know that the live broadcast has not yet ended.

Those who have watched public broadcasts will often have seen that we start playing audio and video of what is currently being broadcast about 10 minutes before the performances begin.

After we have explained the background situation, we will deal with the controversial audio. These words were not spoken by an employee, but were simply the audio of a shopping app commercial that was subsequently broadcast [“Inkigayo”].

The words that caused the misunderstanding were actually commercial copies that said, “Completing my intellectual image.”

As soon as TWICE came off the stage, we started playing the sound of the commercial that was broadcast on our studio’s PA system, and it was a coincidence that a commercial copy without background music was being spoken at that very moment.

We explained this in words. However, if you watch the video we upload, it becomes even clearer.

We think it’s natural for people to be outraged when someone criticizes a singer they love for no reason.
We understand that it is this kind of love that led to this misunderstanding, and we apologize for not being careful enough to prevent this misunderstanding from occurring.
We in the SBS K-Pop team have the same feelings as you.

Although this was a misunderstanding, we would like to apologize to the TWICE fans who must have been upset about it. to the TWICE members who must be aware of the concerns of their fans; and to the employees of the TWICE agency.

You can watch both the SBS clarification video and the original encore below:

Watch the full episode of “Inkigayo” here:

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