“Running Man” PD talks about the show’s 10th anniversary, thanks viewers

"Running Man" PD talks about the show's 10th anniversary, thanks viewers

Production manager Choi Bo Pil from “Running Man, Who was responsible for the special episodes for the show’s 10th anniversary, spoke about the recent live broadcast of “Running Man” and shared his thoughts on the longevity of the program.

PD Choi Bo Pil spoke about the special live broadcast of “Running Man” for the 10th anniversary and said: “First, it is such a relief that we were able to end the live show without disasters. The text voting exceeded the expectations of the production team and was a proud but nerve-wracking experience as part of the production team. And I’m so proud of the cast of “Running Man” who runs the live show like the veterans they are. I also want to be with everyone in the audience for theirs Thank you for joining. “

The PD continued: “As a member of the production staff, I am honored to be there for the 10th anniversary of the program. The current staff are working hard to follow in the footsteps of the people that lay the foundations for an amazing program We will show even more development in the future. The cast was also extremely helpful with changes in production staff and direction. Each of the performers is so proud and happy to have reached this monumental milestone. But we will not be complacent The goal is to continue on this path and create a competitive program, and we will work hard to stay together for a long time, well beyond 10 years. ”

When asked how steadfast “Running Man” was in the midst of changing trends in the variety scene, Choi Bo Pil said: “When variety shows were incredibly popular, so many new shows started, but the only show that has remained without a season so far Changes are “running man”. We believe that there are not many shows in which celebrities with variety talent can really spread their wings, and in this sense, this 10th anniversary of “Running Man” is incredibly important. “

The moments he’s most proud of “Running Man” are when people say the show is fun. “When the entertainment and excitement the production team wanted to achieve is well communicated to the audience and we hear them say that it was a lot of fun, we are happiest. Honestly, the “Running Man” team doesn’t have the best work schedule, but when we get such positive feedback, it really motivates us to get through the tough schedule. “

In the most difficult moments during “Running Man”, the PD said: “Then the production team is not sure what they have prepared. In my case, I don’t have that much experience yet, so when we film, things sometimes move in one direction I wasn’t expecting. If the production team sets things up so that we can’t achieve what we set out to do, I feel apologetic and responsible as a director. “

In conclusion, Choi Bo Pil said: “Thank you to everyone who has loved Running Man in the past 10 years. One of the most moving and assignable comments I’ve seen was: “Thanks to Running Man for being with me through elementary, middle, high school and college.” As a longtime fan of “Running Man” I am so proud to have participated in a program that has become part of our fans’ lives. We promise all of our viewers that we will continue to develop the show to provide fun and lively entertainment that is better than ever. “

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