Relapse: 7 concepts that we would like to see again on “Running Man”

Relapse: 7 concepts that we would like to see again on "Running Man"

It’s difficult to wrap our heads around the fact that “Running Man”Celebrate its 10th anniversary this year! The show was first broadcast on July 11, 2010 and since then the members have laughed a lot over the past 10 years. Yes, there were a few bumps in the way and the format of the show has changed a few times, but we can’t deny that it’s reassuring to see the same familiar faces every Sunday night.

And while current circumstances (like the physical abilities of members) mean that “Running Man” may not be able to reproduce the more physically demanding races from previous years, we cannot help loving some of the Concepts to remember. Topics that made us fall in love with this show. Yes, we had series like the Grasshopper Hunting and Yoomes Bond saga, but there were also some larger thematic concepts that we rarely see on the show these days.

To celebrate the show’s 10th anniversary, here are seven concepts that we hope we’d reconsider later:

The ones where they crowned the strongest running man

These “Best of the Best” episodes often (but not always) coincided with the superpower episodes and are, of course, fan favorites because they are pure adrenaline and fun. There were seven in this series (episodes 42, 74, 130, 196, 257, 285, 336), with episodes 74 (the first superpower race) and 130 (the reincarnation episode) being particularly memorable. In fact, these two episodes are so popular that they were selected because the two races the fans most wanted to visit have been brought back in the past few weeks as part of their 10-year anniversary specials. And who can forget episode 285 where it’s usually tough Song of Ji Hyo had a meltdown over mystery boxes?

The one with the well-known athletes

Another topic that sometimes showed superpowers was that of the legendary athletes because the Running Man members obviously needed help. It was funny to see Major League baseball players, Choo Shin Soo and Ryu Hyun Jin, deal with the stupidity that the production team would throw at them.

We also had Olympians Park Tae Hwan and Son Yeon Jae (episodes 109-110) who were adorable in their episodes, as well as MMA fighters Choo Sung Hoon and Lee Si Young (Episode 131), which made the members tremble just because they heard their names.

And let’s not forget Eternal Captain Park Ji Sung, whom we would see annually for a while because members were invited to participate in the Asian Dream Cup. He was always such a great sport (pun intended), had a great chemistry with the members and often brought funny guests with him. Gosh, I’m missing something Park Ji Sung!

The one with all the idols

In this category, I’m specifically referring to those like Olympic-themed ones that had to compete against each other instead of just seeing a single group on the show. In episodes 104 and 129, many second generation idols were shown, including CNBLUE Jung Yong Hwa, MBLAQs Lee Joon, T-ara Ham Eun Jungand SHINees Minho Teaming and trying to beat the Running Man team at sporting events. In episode 195, things changed a bit by building Team 2PM, Team 2NE1, and Team Mystic, then adding Running Man members to each team and having a three-way duel.

And the crème de la crème is nothing more than episode 162, in which each member took a K-pop group (Girl’s Day! INFINITE! 2PM! BEAST! And more!) Under their wing and gave us the ultimate idol struggle. The opening alone, where they dance to the song of every group, is an Insta classic!

Those where they go abroad

The consequences of traveling abroad are always fun, be it the unforgettable guests or the exciting missions in an exotic location. Members first experienced their enthusiastic international fan base first-hand when they went to Thailand (episodes 50-51), then tackled the Macau Tower in Macau (episode 133), and looked for gold in Australia (episodes 188- 189, 191). and so on.

In recent years, members have flown to various other countries as part of their long-term projects, with the goal varying between teams. Since basically the whole world has been inland in the past few months, it would be a nice reward if you could explore a new place in the future, hopefully with all the members.

The one with the well-known actors

While the definition of “big players” may be subjective, we mainly refer to those who are not only well-known in Korea but also internationally known names. Think back to the heyday of Running Man when they invited extremely popular actors who would otherwise rarely appear in outdoor vaudeville shows. We would have megastars like Gong Hyo Jin Coupling with Lee Kwang Soo (Episode 108), Gong Yoo trying to escape from a prison cell (episode 175) Kim Hee Sun. as one of the goddesses (episode 100) and Son Ye Jin to turn out to be HahaFirst love (episode 70). And let’s not forget the caliber of Choi Ji Woo (Episodes 126-127), Uhm Jung Hwa (Episode 146), Han Ji Min (Episodes 105-106), Jung woo sung (Episodes 151-152), Hwang Jung Min (Episode 132) … the hell even Jackie Chan (Episode 135) was released in 2015!

The one with the high concepts

In recent years, it seems that certain PDs prefer certain game concepts. For a while everything was roulette centered. There didn’t seem to be a week in which we didn’t see this damn roulette (or the pirate game). We recently saw a “betting” series where members wagered their R coins or the currency that was in play this week. Of course, age and fitness affect how game formats have changed over the years, but we can’t help but remember some of the races that were exciting because of their unique concepts and mostly had one correct action. The aforementioned reincarnation episode is an example, as is that in the Song Ji Hyo and Suzy It turned out that they were ghost sisters (episode 55) and that they could see the future with special things ddakjis (folded paper tiles; episode 116). These concepts are so refreshingly distinctive that they have left us viewers with lasting impressions.

The one with running man against others

We have seen several episodes on this subject, such as the two Shinhwa episodes (episodes 161, 236), which go against the “Eyes of an AngelCast (episode 190) and a fan favorite against the production team (episode 178). In particular, the episode “RM vs. the PD Team ”had camaraderie, laughter, dramatic tensions, heartwarming moments and the birth of the“ RMBosong Song ”(“ soft and fluffy song ”) and so many other memorable moments! With the Running Man members who have been betrayed recently, we could certainly use a change and remind them how great their teamwork is!

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How long have you been watching “Running Man”? What is your favorite episode (can you choose at all)? And here’s a funny fact: the two guests from the first episode at all, Lee Hyori and Hwang Jung Eum, only appeared once on the show! Say “Running Man” happy birthday and share your love for the show below!

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