Refund Expedition celebrates Chuseok by playing with Jimmy Yoo and Managers

Refund Expedition celebrates Chuseok by playing with Jimmy Yoo and Managers

On Octoder 3rdHow do you playBroadcast a Chuseok special in which the members of the Refund Expedition played with Jimmy Yoo and their managers.

Refund Expedition is a girls group formed by Lee HyoriWish earlier on the show. Jimmy Yoo is Yoo Jae SukAlternative person as general producer of your group. The managers are Kim Ji Sub (Kim Jong Min) and Jung Bong Won (Jung Jae Hyung).

Before the Chuseok games, Jimmy Yoo and the two managers had an “agency” meeting. Split up their roles, Jimmy Yoo said, “Kim Ji Sub is responsible for driving and management, while Jung Bong Won is responsible for advertising and styling.”

Jimmy Yoo said he had an ambitious goal for her agency and said, “This is top secret. Big Hit Entertainment is about to go public. I just leave it at that. What do you think would happen to us if we went public too? “Managers wanted to know how many stock options they would get, but Jimmy Yoo joked,” When Antenne goes out, I’ll take it over. ” Antenna Music is Jung Jae Hyung’s label, founded by Yoo Jae Suk’s friend Yoo Hee Yeol.

The Chuseok games are designed to bring the members and their managers closer together. After everyone gathered, Man Ok (Uhm Jung Hwa) was asked what she was doing in Chuseok. Jung Bon Won quipped, “She’s just lonely.” Chun Ok (Lee Hyori) cut in, “I wish I was lonely. You have to do everything Jeon in the world. “In Korea, it is a tradition that daughters-in-law help in the house of their husband’s family in Chuseok. Jeon are fried foods that are one of the traditional dishes of Chuseok.

Man Ok said: “I wish I had in-laws visiting Chuseok. I want to do Jeon Receive love from my in-laws in their home and pretend my husband is having a hard time. I want to do all of this. “Kim Ji Sub commented,” Your future mother-in-law would be quite old, “which made her nervous. Jimmy Yoo commented, “We seem more shamans than people on vacation.”

Chun Ok commented that she thought Jessi (Eun Bi) and Kim Jong Min would look great together as a couple. Jessi replied: “You go out with him. “But Chun Ok said,” I think Eun Bi should have someone who can accept her, like Sang Soon does for me. “(Lee Sang Soon is Lee Hyori’s husband.)

The group then split into two teams to play quiz games, which were chaotic because Kim Jong Min and Jessi initially didn’t understand the rules. The first “pillow quiz” game was won by Kim Ji Sub’s team through Hwasa’s final answer. In the second quiz game, Kim Ji Sub’s team took the lead early on from Chun Ok, Sil Bi and the fantastic teamwork of Kim Ji Sub, but ultimately lost after the work of Eun Bi brought Jung Bong Won’s team to victory.

In the final game, Eun Bi was eliminated due to interference from Chun Ok and Kim Ji Sub’s team took the final victory. Before the Chuseok Special ended, Eun Bi was voted MVP of the Games.

The Refund Expedition’s debut is scheduled for October 10th.

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