PUBG Dad gets 2 kills with one hand while holding the baby

A PUBG The player managed to increase his number of kills while spinning on a chair and holding a baby with one hand. One of the most popular multiplayer titles in the world, PUBG has become the scene of many impressive skill games, although its ubiquity has eased somewhat thanks to the influx of high quality Battle Royale games.

Recently, PUBG has gone through another important update with additional content aimed at giving the title a breath of fresh air. The most notable change is the revised Vikendi card, which is available again PUBG after a few months of absence. Vikendi’s snowy landscapes have been improved and polished, with some areas redesigned from scratch. The most dramatic reinterpretation has hit the popular Dino Park, which is now many times larger and has been expanded into Dinoland. Season 7 also saw other design changes made to Vikendi, including some less effective additions, such as the new Mosin-Nagant sniper rifle that literally inherits all of the Kar98k’s specifications.

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The Kar98k is also the weapon of choice for the masterful gamer father Nitesen, who shared his impressive performance PUBG Highlight with the community of Reddit to a predominantly positive response. In the footage, the player can be seen in a three-story building that can be found almost everywhere on the Erangel map. Nitesen set a simple trap and put two jerrycans side by side on top of a staircase, hoping that someday someone would try to ransack the building. This is exactly what happens in the video when an unsuspecting enemy player enters the room just to be blown up by a gas can. This can be the second kill for Nitesen. While this camping method is nothing new PUBGIt is the execution that is both brilliant and innovative.

While waiting for an enemy to appear, Nitesen turned around in a chair and held a wireless mouse with one hand and his little daughter with the other. Kar98k’s view had previously been on one of the jerrycans, and all Nitesen had to do was press the left mouse button to trigger an explosion with a single shot, which he did. Nitesen has said that he taught his daughter to consider the blood splashes as jelly bursts, which means that the enemies are jam-packed, a delicious solution to an otherwise difficult situation that can be explained to a child.

It’s always nice to see inventive games like this, but it’s also a reminder that camping remains an important part of the long-standing gaming experience a frustrating problem in PUBG. As a slow and deeply tactical Battle Royale, the game encourages cautious play, but this concept can sometimes lead to painfully sluggish games – the kind that make viewing less conspicuous than, for example Fourteen days. Hopefully, Nitesen’s efficient single-handed performance will not inspire multiple copycats – or, if so, they’ll show more active versions of the method in the future.

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Source: Reddit

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