Production of the Xbox Series X begins, France has high priority

Xbox France reports that the Xbox Series X has officially entered the production phase and Microsoft is re-adjusting its sales strategy.

Microsoft’s Xbox department goes all-in Xbox Series X. The production in advance of the start window of the console for the vacation 2020 in France has a high priority for the distribution of the console. This last point is unlikely to attract anyone outside of Western Europe, but solid confirmation of how the next generation console is going to be produced is always an eye catcher.

Support for the Xbox One console line is far from over, but it doesn’t stop there The Xbox leadership cannot shift their gaze publicly from the current generation and is fully focused on the Xbox Series X. It may be with the “gameplay” display case from the 20th / 20th. May easily landed on the wrong foot and took possession of it, but it’s far from giving up the upcoming phase of the console arms race against Sony, despite reports of the PS5’s alleged superiority. Indeed, since this misstep, the Xbox Series X gameplay has been shared with the game community, and it’s hard not to be impressed by the machine’s considerable performance when displayed.

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A recent report from the French language website Xboxygen (How rudimentary to run from Google Translate VG247) the Xbox Series X is already in an important production phase and is getting one step closer to living rooms around the world. Xboxygen probably likes to share this among other target nations such as the USA, Canada and Great Britain. “France is one of the priority countries for the delivery of machines at the end of the year“This level of optimistic security is reassuring for those who rightly fear COVID-19 delays. However, Xbox France director Ina Gelbert told the site that”The choice we made at this launch is to be present in more countries than when Xbox One was launched“If there is another major virus outbreak, the Xbox divisions in France or the United States”can not [sic] do much“to prevent a delay.

Xbox Series X.

While it is unnecessarily cruel (and not exactly prudent from a business perspective) for Microsoft to annoy potential players endlessly with impressive Xbox Series X specifications and anecdotes, the computer loads almost too fast for boot animation while retaining gameplay material , a quarantine measure. The associated delay would obviously be much more understandable. Hopefully that’s not the case, but when the time comes, players in France and other primary distribution countries simply have to endure waiting next to the Xbox team.

It is not a complete surprise to know that the Xbox Series X. is finally in production, but the fact that Microsoft plans to expand its global sales locations on the first day is new information that will improve the launch of the next-gen console for everyone. With a bit of luck, this widespread global offer will be further improved by an attractive price.

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Source: Xboygen, VG247

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