Which Digital Photography Software Is Right For You?


Choosing the right digital photography software can be almost as important as choosing the right camera. While your digital camera will play the largest role in capturing those stunning shots, your software will be the behind the scenes editor that cleans up any noise and corrects your colour when lighting conditions or white balance was less than perfect.

Editing to Perfection

So many photos we take are almost perfect but they have those one or two little flaws. Most photo editing software will allow you to touch up basic colour issues or red eye, but some can provide you with much more involved editing options to give you complete control over your final result. If digital photography is a casual hobby for you, anything more than the basic features may just make the program more complicated to use. Digital photography professionals will likely prefer software with all the bells and whistles to touch up even the most subtle flaws.

Photo Editing Fun

Photo editing software isn’t only for correcting colours and flaws. Many programs allow you to add or remove people and objects or insert borders and other images. Certain programs come with features which will allow you to create greeting cards, calendars, albums, or storybooks. You can scan and touch up older photos as well by enhancing the colour and luster that may have been lost with age or low quality equipment.

Sharing and Storing

With online communications being as they are, quite often we don’t even print our pictures out to share and enjoy anymore. Many digital photography software programs have features which give you a variety of online sharing and photo album options or will have user friendly settings that help you store your photos on your computer for easy access in the future.

Choosing the Right Software

Many cameras come with their own free software, so trying these programs out first will give you a better idea of the features you’re looking for. If you find that the included software just doesn’t fit your needs, more advanced software can be found and purchased easily online. Take advantage of any free trials you’re offered to see if that particular software is right for you before buying anything.

It’s important to fully research the software you intend to buy because the features included and ease of product use can differ drastically with every program. For some, a basic and easy to use program will fit all your needs. Others may require much more complicated software that might be a little more expensive. Starting with the software included with your camera and testing free trials can give you a much better idea of what you’re looking for should you decide to buy any new photo editing software.


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