Park Jin Young offers Yubin honest CEO advice + shows love with a generous gift

Park Jin Young offers Yubin honest CEO advice + shows love with a generous gift

Founder of JYP Entertainment Park Jin Young showed his warm support for Yubin when she made a fresh start as CEO!

Earlier this year, the former Wonder Girls member parted company with her long-time agency JYP Entertainment and set up her own company. As CEO of the newly founded rrr Entertainment, Yubin not only monitors her own solo activities, but also has her former band colleague under contract Hyerim to the agency.

As part of tvN’s reality show “On and Off” on June 20, Yubin gave viewers an insight into their everyday life as CEO. After holding a meeting at her agency, she took some time to chat with her mentor, Park Jin Young.

Yubin lovingly asked Park Jin Young how he was doing, and the singer and producer replied with a laugh, “I’m sitting in the recording studio as always.” She continued, “I just moved into my new office today,” and Park Jin Young excitedly replied, “Really? I couldn’t visit! “Yubin said to him,” I just moved today. [You can stop by] whenever you have free time knowing that you are busy. “

The JYP founder then asked Yubin what she wanted as a congratulatory gift and suggested: “Should I buy you a big screen TV or a refrigerator? What should I bring you? “Yubin chose the large-screen TV and said that the company needed a large screen because it was an entertainment agency.

Park Jin Young said, “Then I will immediately send you a large screen. I will send you the latest model.” He continued to joke, “But I will write” JYP “in the lower right corner. People need to know that JYP sent the television. “

The producer asked Yubin how many employees she currently has, and she replied: “There are a total of nine employees [including me]. Park Jin Young said with a sigh of concern, “It is not easy to run your own agency, is it? But you will learn a lot from it, no matter what. The fact that you have tried to start your own company will Be of great help to you for the rest of your life, no matter what you end up doing. ”

He continued: “Everything you will experience over the next few years, whether you see good or bad results, will be an incredibly great benefit to you for the rest of your life.”

Yubin thanked Park Jin Young for his help in setting up her own agency, adding: “It wasn’t so long ago that I founded the company, but I have already recognized and learned so much. “

Park Jin Young replied with concern, “But the thing is [a CEO] has to be tough and vicious, and it’s not like that at all. When you run a business, you have to be cold to other people when a situation requires cold, even if you feel bad. Otherwise you cannot run the company. “

He added soberingly, “Running a company means that you inevitably hurt the feelings of everyone who works there. That’s how running a company is. If you work with eight people, you will eventually hurt all eight people.”

When Yubin apologized for worrying Park Jin Young when she was an artist in his agency, the JYP founder replied lovingly, “There is no one in the world who is friendlier than Yubin.” He couldn’t stop worrying about his protege and asked worriedly, “How will our friendly Yubin pay the wages of eight people from now on? That drives me crazy.”

Before hanging up on Jin Young, he reminded Yubin, “Don’t buy a TV. I’ll send you one.” He added, “Let’s have a beer outside sometime,” and Yubin happily agreed, “Yes, I would like that. “

Yubin recently made a comeback with the new single “yaya (ME TIME)”. Watch her music video for the song here!

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