Observe: “Road To Kingdom” candidates creatively try to get closer to their cooperation partners

Observe: “Road To Kingdom” candidates creatively try to get closer to their cooperation partners

“Road To Kingdom” shared videos behind the scenes of their participants who met for their collaboration efforts!

On June 1, Mnet released clips of the six remaining groups on Road to Kingdom, who met with their partner groups to collaborate. The three teams are AUCH and VERIVERY, ONF and PENTAGONand ONEUS and The boyz.

The first clip starts with the youngest team as VERIVERY is on the way to meet TOO. They unveil their gift of 10 roses to the 10 members of TOO, discuss how to talk to other idol groups, and state that they have never met another celebrity in private.

When they finally meet, they exchange introductions and gifts, bringing along also VERIVERY ice cream. VERIVERY’s Kangmin explains: “Since your debut song is” Magnolia “, we originally wanted to prepare it, but they didn’t have one.”

Amidst the stiff and uncomfortable atmosphere, VERIVERY’s Dongheon tries to release the tension and Minchan comments: “Since we are the youngest team, shouldn’t we have something that only the youngest can do?” They agree that being sweet is their advantage and are slowly stirring up Aegyo Fight between theirs Maknaes, VERIVERY’s Kangmin and TOO’s Woonggi.

While PENTAGON is waiting for ONF, they talk about missing Jinho who have recently come forward and are trying in a fun way to simulate their first group interaction to calm their nerves.

Upon arrival, ONFs MK announced that they knew they would be cooperation partners and said: “We were always in a row in the first two rounds [in the lineup]. PENTAGON’s cinema also mentions the first round, in which both ONF’s Wyatt and PENTAGON’s Hongseok exposed their abdominal muscles.

To intensify their friendly competition, Hui from PENTAGON suggests that they arm wrestle, which leads to an impressive victory for Hongseok. Hui volunteered to be the next competitor and shocked everyone by easily beating ONF’s Hyojin and J-Us.

In the third clip, ONEUS shyly enters the Boyz meeting room. They comment that it’s the same room where The Boyz spoke of their first place as the winner, and Gunhee excitedly exclaims, “I saw it on TV!”

Juyeon is the first The Boyz member to join ONEUS until Sunwoo arrives and breaks the uncomfortable silence. Juyeon strangely tries to get Sunwoo to dance for ONEUS until Sangyeon comes in and comfortably greets ONEUS and proves his ESFP MBTI (Myers Briggs Type Indicator).

Once Q and New The Boyz become the last representative members of the group, everyone decides to play I Am Ground to introduce themselves in an entertaining way.

The rest of the third round of Road to Kingdom will air on June 4th at 8pm. KST. Watch TOO and VERIVERY start with BTSHere is “ON”!

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