NCT’s Jaehyun, Park Hye Soo, Noh Jung Ui, Bae Hyun Sung, and more gather to read Dear.M scripts

NCT's Jaehyun, Park Hye Soo, Noh Jung Ui, Bae Hyun Sung, and more gather to read Dear.M scripts

KBS 2TV’s upcoming drama “Dear.M” released photos from their script reading!

“Dear.M”, a spin-off of the hit web drama series “Love Playlist”, is a love drama that tells the story of the campus-wide search for “M”, a mysterious person mentioned in an anonymous post in an online community from Seoyeon University.

In addition to the directors Park Jin Woo and Seo Joo Wan and the screenwriter Lee Seul, the actors Park Hye Soo, NCTJaehyun, Noh Jung Ui, Bae Hyun Sung, UP10TION’S Lee Jin Hyuk, Woo Davi, Lee Jung Shik, Hwang Bo Reum Byul, CLCEunbin, Jo Joon Young, and others attended the script reading.

Park Hye Soo will play the role of Ma Joo Ah, a cheerful character who constantly interferes in the affairs of others. As she read the script, she shared, “I’m happy and excited to meet everyone. I hope we all finish filming happy and healthy.” Jaehyun, who will play his first role as Cha Min Ho, said, “I will work hard and do my best so we can have fun doing the drama together. “

Noh Jung Ui, who will play the center of the Seoyeon University Jubilee Team, Seo Ji Min, said, “Even if I miss it, I will try my best to work hard.” Bae Hyun Sung, who will play Seo Ji Min’s romantic interest Park Ha Neul, also shared his determination to work hard and perform well.

The script reading took place amidst the passionate energy of the young actors who, with their skillful acting, portrayed a lively life on campus. Park Hae Soo and Jaehyun naturally portrayed the close and sincere friendship of Ma Joo Ah and Cha Min Ho of 12 years. They demonstrated smooth chemistry while simultaneously expressing the subtle tension, comedy, and heart-fluttering excitement in this relationship. Noh Jung Ui and Bae Hyun Sung also livened up the set with their role as a cute couple.

Lee Jin Hyuk, who plays Cha Min Ho and Park Ha Neul’s roommate Gil Haok Jin, and Woo Davi, who plays Hwang Bo Young, will add interest to the drama by highlighting their characters’ unique personalities. Lee Jung Sic will show off a sweet charm as the warm-hearted moon Joon, and Hwang Bo Reum Byul will skillfully take on the role of Choi Ro Sa, the vice-captain of the Seoyeon University cheer team who went to high school with Seo Ji Min. Eunbin as the adorable Min Yang Hee and Jo Joon Young as the carefree Ban Yi Dam will round off the diverse characters at Seoyeon University.

The Dear.M production team said, “It was a script reading where we could feel the dreamy ideals of the college campus through the chemistry and passion of the actors. Please expect a lot as we will try our best to provide viewers with a meaningful story of college students putting everything into the things they love. “

“Dear.M” is scheduled to air in the first half of 2021.

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