Mistakes that ruined esports tournaments

Jagex did that Old school rune landscape Deadman mode tournament for five years, which usually ends with a swim. Players participate in PvP, end with a Battle Royale, and survivors receive cash prizes. Although tournaments have been fairly flawless in the past, that doesn’t mean they will always be.

Last year, Jagex held the Deadman mode tournament in spring 2019, but unlike other Deadman mode tournaments, the event was more flawed than a Roach motel. The Battle Royale part eliminated weaker players as a cloud of death closed around them, and the remaining participants were teleported into the arenas so they could challenge it in 1v1 games. However, the deadly cloud inadvertently covered the arenas and everyone who made it to the final teleported into their doom.

The madness didn’t end there. Anyone who died in the final hours of the tournament lost everything, including their items, stats, characters, and accounts. Jagex refunded new accounts, characters, and items to players who encountered this mishap, but many players lost stats and equipment that were well above what they received as compensation.

The list of bugs that plagued last year’s Deadman mode tournament continues, which is staggering as Jagex’s past tournaments have been relatively flawless.

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