Made in Korea: 11 pioneering K designers who dressed Korean celebrities

Made in Korea: 11 pioneering K designers who dressed Korean celebrities

What is K-Pop without K-Mode? Behind a well-dressed star there is always an innovative designer whose work is reinforced by the charisma and innate sense of style of the wearer. These Korean designers highlight Korea as a hub for creative talent in fashion:

Hanbok pride

Korea’s traditional clothing, Hanbok, is not only a symbol of the beautiful fabrics and designs in the country, but also offers a compelling story that is told with every pattern, emblem or embroidery. K-pop stars have been known to incorporate elements of the hanbok into their performance outfits and give it to a younger generation with a contemporary twist. It just shows how K-pop stars recreate this look to bring Korea’s tradition, national pride and history to the global stage.

Danha Seoul

When BLACKPINK The design group Danha wore modernized hanboks for their music video “How You Like That” and became the talk of the town for their tasteful yet fashionable interpretation of traditional clothing. “Making modernized Hanbok does not mean that I do not respect our tradition or treat it lightly. I want to promote that Hanbok has more diverse attractions than elegant and feminine features. I also want Hanbok to gain a foothold in the overseas fashion markets says Danha The Korea Times. Another reason to love Danha? Their clothes use eco-friendly materials and organic or recycled fabrics that promote eco-friendly and slow fashion!


When BTS’S Jungkook When he walked into the airport with a coordinated hanbok set that he had styled in an effortless, casual look, the brand suddenly took the spotlight and the exact item sold out within minutes! That’s the power of Jungkook, the influencer, and the unique design of Zijangsa, a brand that makes comfortable, portable hanbok that is budget-friendly. This set costs only 34,000 won (about $ 29)! With a comfortable and cool outfit like this one, we’d like to copy Jungkook’s look too!


Who can forget this iconic feat from BTS? Jimin from the Melon Music Awards? The designer who made the black robe and pants set is Leesle Hwang, a native of the traditional city of Jeonju. She shared in an interview Korea now how she got a call from someone asking if she could sponsor clothes for a K-pop star. She said, “It’s for BTS!” I screamed so loud inside, but I’m a pro, so I stayed calm and said, “Oh really?” Even before that, Leesle was known for creating hanbok on a daily basis for men and women. We’d probably freak out if someone told us we were dressing Jimin!

Modern couture

On the red carpet and in K-dramas, stars wear inspiring outfits that make viewers fall in love. While their creations may not be suitable for everyday wear, these designers have left their mark on making clothes that look like works of art.

Minju Kim

You may have heard of Minju Kim as the winner of the fashion design reality show “Next In Fashion”. She got dressed Red velvetStage outfits, but the world really got it when designing clothes for Seo Ye Ji in her role as the adorable writer Go Moon Young in “It’s okay to be wrong.” “I’m inspired by everything around me, from books and letters to friends and my dreams. I could describe my collection as my personal diary, ”she shared in an interview Hypebae.

Menswear chic

Fashion is shaped by the wearer and not the other way around. What makes fashion so exciting in Korea is that it blurs the line between feminine and masculine styles, redefines gender roles, and lets clothing speak for itself. These designers do just that, creating sleek, streamlined menswear that pushes the boundaries of fashion.

Jaybaek Couture

Jaybaek Couture is a designer brand loved by many celebrities for its classic tailoring, attention to detail and bespoke suits that fit like a glove. Female celebs love it for its streamlined yet sexy style, while men prefer it for its unique take on delicate, bespoke cuts.

Park Min Young, Ji Soo, rain, Yoo Ah In, Red Velvet’s joy

Kim Seo Ryong

If there is one designer who has a portfolio of beautiful Korean stars, it has to be Kim Seo Ryong. Kim Seo Ryong is considered a veteran in men’s fashion and launched his brand in 1996. Since then, he has won several design awards for his impeccable classic looks that stand the test of time.

Seo Kang Joon, Kang Dong Won, Park Bo Gum, Nam Joo Hyuk

Gong Yoo, Lee Joon Gi, Lee Jong Suk, EXOs Quay

BTS in coordinated Kimseoryong

Ethereal femme

These designers are known for their sophisticated, soft and feminine styles that make K-Stars look like a dreamy fairy.

Lang n Lu

To the HyunAIn the “flower shower” era, the star enlisted the help of designers Lang n Lu to create a flirty, floral look that is still edgy. This led to her legendary comeback as a solo artist with outfits that enhanced HyunA’s beauty and personality. The brand is very popular with stars because it “represents a woman who rejects the existing order with a global attitude like funky, sexy, playful and multicultural”.

IU, Oh my girlBinnie and Arin, Sunmi‘Girls’ generation Taeyeon, APRIL’S Well

Ti: Baeg

Ti: baeg is another eco-friendly designer brand that not only takes inspiration from elements of nature, but also uses garments and methods that are not harmful to the environment. Celebrities with a signature look of floating, dreamy and feminine designs love it for its simple but standout look.

Jung Eun Chae for “The King: Eternal Monarch” UeeOh my girl YooA

Cool street

Korean fashion is primarily determined by street style. It’s that in-between styling of wearable clothing and funky, edgy pieces – a balance that is often difficult to find but can be easily broken by K-Stars.


Without KYE, you can’t mention street style. She has attracted some of the hottest stars and continues to be the go-to choice for her mix of sporty, urban styles. With friends like CL, BIGBANG’s G-Dragon and model Irene, designer Kathleen Kye has endless inspirations at her disposal. The designer takes a different approach for her deconstructed signatures. “I tend to tear things apart,” said Kye W magazine.

(G) I-DLE Soyeon, Arin, Jessi, ITZYLia


D’Antidote is a brand that is fearless and brave when it comes to streetwear. His signature seamlessly combines high-end fashion with streetwear and makes its wearer look youthful, energetic and lively.

ITZYs Yeji and VIXX’S Ravi in the D’Antidote


Greedilous is a designer brand known for its bold colors, eye-catching prints and intriguing patterns. If you loved Jihyo’s standout dress at one of TWICE’s appearances, it is because it comes from this brand, which is also a worldwide favorite for its bright, stunning appearance!


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