Lovelyz ‘Sujeong discusses goals and what to expect on her upcoming solo debut

Lovelyz 'Sujeong discusses goals and what to expect on her upcoming solo debut

In a recent interview LovelyzSujeong talked about her upcoming solo debut.

The idol debuted in 2014 and after six years she finally released a solo album that will have a completely different concept than Lovelyz. The title “Tiger Eyes” will contain songs that show Sujeong’s distinctive style, and their title track of the same name will be based on pop and EDM elements.

When asked how she felt about her solo debut, she said, “I am very honored and proud to release my first solo song with just my voice. In fact, it still doesn’t feel real, that it is me [making a] solo [debut]. I’m half excited and half nervous. For the first time I recorded songs myself, which was also physically demanding. “

Sujeong also spoke about how her solo concept differs from Lovelyz’s music. She explained, “It’s a little different from Lovelyz’s music. I wanted to show that my voice could sing this kind of genre. Because I focused on that aspect, I was preparing a new kind of music. I’ve been doing for six years nice and sentimental music as Lovelyz, but this time it’s a little more tempting [the songs]. ”

She was asked what she did to prepare for her solo album and she replied, “I’ve been an idol for six years, but it’s my first time as a solo artist, so I prepared with my agency while I was I heard their opinions. I tend to be a coward. I was afraid to make a different style than the one we made for Lovelyz, but my agency recognized the potential and I was grateful that they saw that I can pull ‘Tiger Eyes’ through. As a trainee, I practiced a lot with pop music and this time I was preparing pop music for the first time in a while, so I enjoyed it. Especially since I do it alone, it feels different when I practice. I thought I should never make a mistake because I have to take responsibility for everything myself. “

When asked if she was inspired by singers when preparing this album, Sujeong said that she had seen SHINees Taemine. She said, “I was very prepared when I saw Taemin’s performances. Taemin looks decadent and can do it really well without his facial expression being over the top. I thought a lot about wanting to look decadent without overdoing it , so I referred to Taemin when preparing [this album]. ”

Then Sujeong shared her strength and said, “Tiger Eyes is a song with an outstanding performance. It is filled with [elaborate] occur from start to finish and I think it’s a great strength that I can express it with my voice. It focuses on my voice and my singing, so I hope you hear my voice well. “Tiger Eyes” is also charming because of its strong uniqueness, [so] I dyed my hair blue and changed my appearance a lot. “

She also talked about printing her solo debut. She commented: “[The concept] is very different [from before]. There was a lot of concern. It was the hardest thing to show, which I have never done before. Just like people who are not good at behaving sweetly can’t do it, it was hard for me because I’m doing something cool for the first time. When we were with Lovelyz, we smiled broadly or gave a tender mood, but this time I have to show strong eyes. I actually had a hard time because it’s not a facial expression I’m familiar with. I even practiced a strong look in the practice room by turning off the lights. I had to break [free from] myself.”

Sujeong shared her thoughts on her self-composed song “ZZ”. She explained: “I did ZZ four years ago when I was 20 years old. When I wasn’t doing my PhD, I was practicing in the practice room when I just grabbed the guitar and wrote songs. I usually try to work on a lot of songs when we’re not promoting. Later I would like to release my own album with songs that I composed myself. It’s fun to tell you my story yourself. I wrote the lyrics of this self composed song with my imagination. I liked to introduce myself since I was young, so I imagined a lot of fictional stories, and this song also contains my imagination.

Finally, the idol spoke about their goal for their solo debut and said: “The biggest goal is to promote my potential and my diversity. I hope you will be curious about me through this album. Honestly, I have no expectations of being in music charts because it is my first time [releasing an album]. I have lowered my expectations so that I have no hopes for music charts. My goal is to do it [people] looking forward to my future. “

“Tiger Eyes” will be released on May 20th at 6pm. KST.

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