Lovelyz ‘Mijoo talks about how she became an idol, her future goals, and more

Lovelyz 'Mijoo talks about how she became an idol, her future goals, and more

LovelyzMijoo looks stunning to Esquire!

In a recent interview with Esquire, Mijoo spoke about her variety show “The Sixth Sense” and her passions as an idol. Mijoo initially announced that she likes to wear comfortable clothing such as sweatpants, leggings, t-shirts and hoodies. She jokingly added that she could dress more if she dated.

Mijoo shared about her radiant and energetic personality: “I like people and I like to talk to people. I can’t take a moment of silence when talking to someone. Since the past, I’ve talked without resting while chatting to fans. My fans know everything about my personality. In the video clips for “The Sixth Sense” our Lovelyz fans often comment: “Mijoo has always been like this.”

However, Mijoo added that she enjoys watching movies, variety shows, and the animated series “Crayon Shin-chan” in peace, and reading books when she is indoors. She explained, “I never go outside on vacation days. When my friends call me, they don’t even tell me to come outside. Instead, they ask, “You won’t come, will you?” However, when I go outside I am very energetic. “

When asked whether, like many of her colleagues, she would like to open a personal Instagram account, Mijoo replied: “I can’t do that. What would I do if maybe, really just maybe, I was caught in my emotions in the middle of the night and Take a tearful selfie and post something like, “I made it through the day …”. I could do this on the impulse. So I guess I shouldn’t be using Instagram. “

In addition, Mijoo revealed that she was a calm student at school. She explained, “Since my dream was to become an idol since elementary school, I went to school calmly without causing an incident.” She explained that although she had many friends, she had not caused much problems before .

Mijoo continued to share that she wanted to become an idol after dancing TVXQ“Hug” and Badas “V.I.P” during a retreat. She then practiced quietly until she could audition in high school. Mijoo explained that she first dreamed small and took small steps, such as aiming to join an entertainment company followed by aiming to debut.

The idol also touched Lovelyz’s growing fandom. She said, “We recently had a video call fan signing event. Normally there would be a lot of male fans coming, but there were a lot of female fans in that video call fan signature. I am very happy because many and different people seem to recognize that we are working hard. “

Mijoo shared that the Lovelyz members tend to promote members in their area of ​​expertise. She explained, “When we need to be funny, I step forward. To be honest, all of our members are funny. “Mijoo added that only her leader, Baby Soul, kept the group balanced.

The Lovelyz member also revealed that she never expected to become an idol known for being funny at variety shows. Regarding various programs she would like to continue, Mijoo said, “When I was young, I watched a lot.”Family is comingI wanted to try a varied program in which you travel somewhere for two days and one night to do wake-up missions in the morning and prepare food. “She added that she was also involved in a program like”Running Man. ”

Mijoo announced that she works more passionately these days because she strives to be grateful and happy for each day. She added that she hadn’t read comments online so that she could go her own way and not be swayed by someone else’s words. This eventually enabled her to have a stronger mentality and self-esteem.

Regarding the dreams she wanted to pursue next year, Mijoo said: “My wish is to release a solo song and a solo album. So I just say this every year as my “next year goal” and there’s not much I can do if it doesn’t happen. Also, I want to do a variety show where I can travel for two days and one night and I want to participate in a lot of pictures where I can show an unexpected charm. “Finally, Mijoo commented that there are still many sides of her that she would like to show fans in the future.

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