Love & Hip Hop’s Maurice Fayne indicted for bank fraud after a $ 2 million pandemic loan

Atlanta: Love & Hip Hop star Maurice Fayne borrowed $ 2 million to protect paychecks and reportedly spent them on buying eye-catching jewelry.

Atlanta: love & hip hop Star Maurice Fayne is in hot water with the U.S. government. The star is currently being charged with fraud by the Bundesbank.

Fayne appeared in nine episodes of Love & hip hop during season 8, he was able to use his status to get a large loan check protection loan on behalf of his carrier. But Fayne thought it would be a wise idea to spend these funds on herself instead. Fayne reportedly spent more than $ 1.5 million on jewelry, luxury items, and child support.

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Fayne has a Georgia-based shipping company called Flame Trucking. He secured the $ 2 million loan by claiming it was intended to support his paycheck. Of course, he then bought a Rolex Presidential watch, a diamond bracelet and a diamond ring. He also provided $ 40,000 for his maintenance bills.

Deputy Attorney General Brian A. Benczkowski explains: “The accused allegedly stole money to help hard-hit employees and businesses in these difficult times, and instead greedily used the money to fund his wasteful purchases of jewelry and other personal items.” To make matters worse when federal agents stormed his house, they confiscated $ 80,000 in cash along with the $ 9,400 Fayne himself had. The government also raised a whopping $ 503,000 in paycheck protection funds from his personal bank accounts. Several pieces of jewelry were confiscated along with a 2019 Rolls Royce Wraith that still had retail labels attached to it.

This story really shows that you shouldn’t mess with the federal government. Paycheck Protection is a program that has to be taken seriously. Many people are struggling or suffering from this crisis. People like Fayne who ignore or take advantage of this deserve to be put behind bars. Of course, Fayne has declared all charges innocent, but he doesn’t fool anyone. For a man who pays $ 40,000 in child benefit, Fayne might want to look in the mirror and rethink his life choices.

The U.S. government has pumped massive amounts of liquidity into companies to stabilize the economy. Fayne not only undermines hard-working Americans, but also undermines an objective monetary policy to support the entire economy. The stupidity of his actions is amazing. With all of these loan programs, you can be sure that the US government is closely monitoring this situation. Especially if a company takes out a 7-digit loan. The fate of our economy rests on the government’s determination. Hopefully Fayne will learn his lesson after serving the long prison sentence he will face. But judging from previous actions, chances are good Atlanta: love & hip hop will continue to come in its own way.

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