Lee Dong Wook desperately wanders for his brush with danger in “Tale Of The Nine-Tailed”

Lee Dong Wook desperately wanders for his brush with danger in "Tale Of The Nine-Tailed"

tvNs “History of the nine tailsRevealed new stills from Lee Dong Wook before today’s episode!

“Tale of the Nine-Tailed” is a fantasy-action-romantic drama starring Lee Dong Wook as the male gumiho (a mythical nine-tailed fox) Lee Yeon and Jo Bo Ah as producer Nam Ji Ah. You are in a mysterious case with Imoogi (Lee Tae Ri), a snake animal in human form.


In the previous episode, Lee Yeon faced a difficult situation in which he had to choose between Nam Ji Ah and his younger brother Lee Rang (Kim Bum) after being forced to relive the most terrifying moments of their lives. After some deliberation, Lee Yeon turned to the woman who had tested him and said, “I will duly repay this debt soon.” Then he chose Lee Rang, who was in the forest of evil spirits, and took the spirits up with his brother.

Lee Yeon is covered in blood and wounds in the new stills and looks unusually pale and worn after his fight. With tears in his eyes he stumbles across the desolate forest before collapsing from exhaustion. Curiosity grows as to how Lee Yeon was trapped in the forest and whether or not he can reunite with Nam Ji Ah.

The drama production team praised Lee Dong Wook, saying, “He’s an actor who never gets into trouble and always inspires us.” In the upcoming episode, they said, “Watch out for the consequences of Lee Yeon’s decision to go to Lee Rang instead of Nam Ji Ah.”

The next episode of “Tale of the Nine-Tailed” will air on November 4th at 10:30 pm. KST.

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