Lee Do Hyun on the story, how he became an actor, turning points in his life and much more

Lee Do Hyun on the story, how he became an actor, turning points in his life and much more

Lee Do Hyun sat down for an interview with W Korea about its history, goals and more!

The magazine asked Lee Do Hyun if there had been any memorable things told to him by writers or directors. “That reminds me of when I was told my smile is charming,” he said. “Before, I couldn’t smile with confidence, but I’ve got the courage to do it. I tried to use it like a weapon when I was filming.Hotel Del Luna‘to. I have been encouraged by the many people who love my smile. “

Lee Do Hyun recently mentioned on “Ask us anything“That he used to play basketball, and he said in an interview that he had spent a lot of time playing the sport in school. He said,” I was a point guard. If my father hadn’t opposed it, I would have I probably kept exercising. “

When asked why he was against it, Lee Do Hyun said, “My father was a baseball player when he was young and we spent a lot of time together playing sports as kids, but I think he was against it because of experience in sport and knows how difficult it is. “

Lee Do Hyun went on to talk about how he had dreamed of being a celebrity. “It wasn’t something that I had a specific idea of,” he said. “I just wasn’t that interested in studying. There was this room where the students could study and also rest. It was like a dormitory even though it was an ordinary home. My mother sent me to such a place and said: “Do a little study.” She bought an electronic organizer that I could use as an English dictionary and study tool, but I sat on the sofa and watched movies on it. I’ve watched the movie “Sunflower” over and over … “

The interviewer wondered what this film was all about and said that many actors are talking about it Kim Rae WonAppearance in “Sunflower”. He replied, “Ah, it’s an unforgettable movie, of course. After watching movies like this, I was naturally drawn to acting. My father disagreed again [laughs]. He said it was just a fleeting idea that people could dream of as teenagers. I convinced my mom, so I went to drama school in the second half of my sophomore year and didn’t tell my dad the truth until it was time for college entrance exams. “

He was asked if he felt intimidated by others at his acting school. “I didn’t feel intimidated, I was conceited,” he said, saying that he thought, “I look good and I am good at acting.”

“I went to the entrance exams with this confident attitude, but I failed them all,” he admitted. “I came to my senses during my studies to try again next year. I think I gradually learned to be humble. “Lee Do Hyun was eventually inducted into the Drama Department at Chung Ang University.

He went on to say that his experience with entrance exams changed his attitude towards acting and life. “My motto in life is always ‘work hard’,” he said. “I work hard on everything that is given to me.”

Lee Do Hyun was asked to describe the style of acting he likes. “I like a pleasant and happy style,” he said. “I enjoy doing this, too, and I still find it difficult to play a cool role.” It’s not that I am ashamed. I doubt I’m doing a good job. Lee Byung Hun seems like someone who is both an excellent actor and funny. I also want to be that relaxed at some point. “

When asked how he feels about acting now that he has been doing it for a while, he replied, “It gets harder the more I do it. I once complained to director Lee Eung Bok that it was difficult and hard, and he just said one thing to me: “Wouldn’t it be fun if it was easy?” I felt like I had been hit by a hammer, I started doing this job because it was fun . Why did I always think it was difficult? “

Regarding his aspirations for the future, Lee Do Hyun announced that he would like to be called the “Master of the Rom-Coms”. He continued, “I think I will want to keep doing romantic comedies until I join the military, and I want to be known as a ‘sexy actor’ once I get back from the military and after I turn 30.”

When Lee Do Hyun talked about what he would like to do when he makes a lot of money, he described how he would like to repay his parents’ debts so they can use the admission money he gives them for themselves instead. The interviewer also mentioned that they had heard that he had a disabled younger brother and they asked him if he spent much time looking after him as a child.

“It’s not big, but he has an intellectual disability,” he replied. “I think at some point because I was young I was embarrassed about him, but one day when I was in middle school he came home after being bullied. I went out and scolded the kids who bullied him. After that, I took care of him a little more, even if it wasn’t about bullying. I also recently went to the place he works, handed out drinks and said hello. “

The interviewer mentioned to him that there had been many points in his life that had brought about change, For example, failing his entrance exam and changing his attitude, having the courage to smile thanks to a director, and starting to take care of his brother after the bullying. Since Lee Do Hyun expressed how he is careful not to be cocky, he was asked what he would do if he changed after becoming a star.

“I will keep my senses above myself,” he said. “I’ve already told people around me if they should give me a slap in the face if it looks like I’ve changed.”

The full picture and interview with Lee Do Hyun can be found in the October issue of W Korea.

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