Laughter guaranteed: 10 memorable episodes of “Running Man” this year

Laughter guaranteed: 10 memorable episodes of "Running Man" this year

For the past 10 yearsRunning Man“Was a staple in many households and made for constant laughter and joy week after week. While some might argue that the show is no longer what it used to be, it still has a lot of gasoline in the tank and still kills the entertainment factor. And in a year to celebrate the show’s 10th anniversary, we’re also celebrating some of the memorable episodes “Running Man” brought us this year. (If you’d like to take a trip down the concept memory lane instead, be sure to check out this article as well.)

Here are 10 episodes that were particularly memorable in chronological order for a variety of reasons:

Ep. 490-491 (February 16 and 23)

This episode was filmed in the early COVID-19 days, so the cast and crew had to stay indoors for security reasons. However, they used the situation to their advantage and shot one of the funniest episodes of the past few months.

The idea of ​​the episode is that each member has a random time to “live” until they are eliminated. As you can imagine, things get pretty funny when members are desperate. The first part of the episode is hilarious and the second half is full of action with lots of twists and turns and intrigue.

Ep. 493 (March 8th)

The bulk of this episode is basically the “Try Not To Laugh Challenge”, but rather on crack. Lee Kwang Soo is usually a key player in these segments, despite being absent from the episode due to an injury. However, the other members went above and beyond to deliver some of the funniest moments of the year. Whether it Yang Se Chan and Jun Sun MinParody of the pottery scene from “Ghost” (no less than Minions), Yoo Jae Suk as a lama or completely expressionless Song Ji Hyo Dancing to Zico’s “Any Song” was just one stroke of joy.

Ep. 500 (April 26th)

500 episodes is a huge milestone in Korean strain history, and not many shows can claim this feat. Unfortunately with the pandemic the show couldn’t plan a huge extravaganza for the momentous occasion, but they still gave us a great episode to enjoy. The guests of the week (Weki Meki‘S Choi Yoojung, Chungha, Lovelyz‘S Mijoo, and Apink‘S Chorong and Yoon Bomi) Went there to have fun and the chemistry was great all round. The twist at the end is also a nice recall to a very early episode when Song Ji Hyo turned out to be a spy (episode 62).

Ep. 505 (May 31st)

After a short break for health reasons, Jun So Min rejoins the group in this episode. It’s easy and fun with lots of goofy stories from the cast to start the show and it seems like everyone is in a better mood to film outdoors for a change. Things take an exciting turn when the “plot” of the episode kicks in – there’s a malicious scarecrow who demands human sacrifice – and everything is suddenly shrouded in mystery and tension.

Ep. 509 (June 28th)

The “Superpowers” series is popular with “Running Man” fans, and for its 10th anniversary, the show brought that concept back. But as a twist, instead of cool forces, the cast (and family-like guests of Kang Han Na and Lee Sang Yeob) Have been given superpowers with a side of funny with Ji Suk JinIs definitely the climax of the episode. Without giving too much away, his powers include a lot of regression (and lots of costume changes). Kim Jong Kook Has a funny twist too, because just when we thought it had “WiFi” capabilities once againIt turns out that all you have to do is watch the episode to find out!

Ep. 511 (July 12th)

To celebrate and thank the audience for 10 years of love and support, the “Running Man” team gave us an interactive episode for our 10th anniversary. Members had to find out who the “thieves” among them were, while it was the job of the thieves to steal the gold bars without getting caught. It’s fun to see them try to investigate with their particular professional skills, and viewers even had the chance to vote on their choice of suspects. The result itself is a sucker!

Ep. 515 (August 9th)

The show had used the “members versus spies” concept a lot during this period, so the rules of this episode were interestingly different for a change. It’s kind of a prison escape theme with different factions (and pals) involved in the game. The guests for the episode were also a highlight (Ha Do Kwon, Ji Seung Hyun, Kim Yong Ji, and Kim Young Min) as they were all intuitive and ready to dive into the experience. They all had a chance to shine, which gave us a fun, fresh and memorable episode.

Ep. 520 (September 13th)

This is quite a change of pace for “Running Man” as this cast was about the cast trying out new hobbies like yodeling, samba dancing, and a cappella singing, rather than the usual concepts. (The COVID-19 numbers rose again in Korea around this time, so they had to stay indoors). On paper it might seem like an uneventful episode, but because the members themselves were having so much fun, it made it all twice as fun. Whether it was Haha If you dance the sexy samba with Yoo Jae Suk or the disastrous rendition of “The Lion Sleeps Tonight” with Lee Kwang Soo, Song Ji Hyo, Yang Se Chan and Yoo Jae Suk, you are guaranteed to be ROFL-capable throughout.

Ep. 530 & 531 (November 22nd & 29th)

In this episodeThe penthouse“Cast Pop” by “Running Man” for a visit where the mission is to be the first members to “move” into the penthouse. The four guests – consisting of Ha Do Kwon, Eugene, Kim So Yeon, and Lee Ji Ah – are mostly varieté newbies, which makes them the perfect targets for teasing the cast. Kim So Yeon and Lee Ji Ah caused a lot of laughter with their bizarre, awkward, honest reactions and their uncoordinated playing style. And we can’t forget the opening, where Song Ji Hyo and Lee Kwang Soo receive a penalty from an earlier episode – disguised as 18th century opera singers.

Ep. 532 (December 6th)

This episode is the Best Friend special, which features friends of the cast, including those always on point, for fun Cha Tae Hyun who hasn’t been on the show in about nine years. (Other guests are TXTHuening Kai and Yeonjun, Lovelyz ‘Mijoo, Jang Dong Min and Yang Dong Geun). Most of the guests are messy and know each other well, which leads to great chemistry resulting in a wild episode where the cast plays a game like Monopoly. And as with most of the “Running Man” episodes, the actors go around wiping each other’s “coins” (read: steal), which is compounded to the extent that Ji Suk Jin walks around with nothing but a bagless strap.

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