Khloe Kardashian TPs Kourtney’s house and Twitter set her on fire for wasting toilet paper

Khloe Kardashian TP’d Kourtney Kardashian’s house over the weekend, which led to immense setbacks on social media. Toilet paper is still scarce due to the current state of the world. In recent weeks, businesses across North America have had literal arguments about the precious paper. People even get up early to go to Target, Walmart or Costco and try to get their hands on a few roles for themselves and their families.

The Kardashian family is never really in tune with what normal people do today, even if they stay inside like everyone else. Khloe and nephew Mason Disick decided to waste more than a few rolls of toilet paper by going to their sister Kourtney’s huge home in Calabasas, California, TP’ing. It was made a prank for Mother’s Day over the weekend, and Kourtney loved it. She shared the practical work on an Instagram story, called it “actually awesome” and explained that she would take revenge.

People were immediately furious with the deaf and dumb toilet paper mission. First of all, they used a lot of toilet paper that people urgently need at the moment. Second, they did a really bad job. Even for a mansion, they did a pretty lackluster job with all the bread they wasted, and people aren’t very happy about it at all. “What a waste … some people don’t even have toilet paper to USE and Khloe Kardashian throws it away for a joke,” said one person on social media.

Another person asked if anyone could get the toilet paper so they could use it. “I’m so glad Khloe Kardashian has to waste toilet paper like this,” she said. “I used things that felt like sandpaper because I still can’t find anything else and don’t have much of it. Can you pull it off the tree and send it to me?” Many used the hashtag #Shameful in their posts. Another person said, “Khloe Kardashian, who decides to tap Kourtney’s house with toilet paper rolls, only shows that they are disgusting and selfish rich people.”

The further down the comments are, the more excited they will be. At the moment, Khloe Kardashian has not yet responded to the criticism. Everyone is stuck and bored at home, but they don’t waste toilet paper in their sister’s villa. You could at least have done the fiery dog ​​droppings on the porch, which would have saved toilet paper and given the dog droppings a second purpose. At least they were smart enough not to use masks, which really doesn’t say much. Thanks you can check the tone for deaf toilet paper below Penelope’s Blackbooks Instagram Account.

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