Jung Yujin from the Ark talks about the competition for “The Voice of Korea 2020” and how her members showed their support in tears

Jung Yujin from the Ark talks about the competition for "The Voice of Korea 2020" and how her members showed their support in tears

Jung Yujin (MAIL) recently spoke about her experiences in “The Voice of Korea 2020”!

Jung Yujin made his debut in 2015 in the five-member group The Ark. Three months after her debut, Jung Yujin paused to undergo vocal cord node removal surgery. During her treatment, she heard that the group was disbanded. In 2019 she started her solo career as MAIL.

Regarding the breakup of the group, she said, “Since there are people who have repeatedly experienced the pain of not being able to debut, I am not the type of person who often says I have a hard time. But to be honest, it was really hard. I was afraid to meet people I knew in my neighborhood and to hear them say, “Why are you here?”, so I didn’t go outside and lived in seclusion for a while. “

After Jung Yujin recovered from her surgery, she attended the Dong Ah Institute for Media and Art as a major in practical music. During her debate between singer and vocal coach, she contacted her current agency MOT Entertainment and made her debut as a soloist.

A year after her solo debut, Jung Yujin auditioned for “The Voice of Korea 2020”. She said: “After I became a solo artist, the pressure to perform a performance on my own was huge. I also lacked confidence in myself. So I thought it would be good to break out of my shell and go to “The Voice of Korea 2020”. Since they only judge your voice, it is a program that gives you recognition for your skills, even if you only pass the blind audition. “

During her blind foreplay, Jung Yujin Ben sang “Love, ing” and burst into tears after receiving an “all-turn”, meaning that each judge had pressed the pass button to indicate his wish with her to work.

She explained: “With only one verse left, no one had pressed the button yet, so I was really worried. Fortunately, every trainer turned. I usually don’t cry so easily, but I burst into tears because I was so overwhelmed with different emotions. “

Jung Yujin’s audition not only impressed all judges, but also garnered over 3 million views on YouTube and even caught Ben’s attention. On Ben’s personal Instagram, she shared a screenshot of the show and commented, “Why am I crying? Thank you for this emotional achievement.”

Jung Yujin commented, “I’m a Ben fan. I even uploaded covers of their songs” Love, ing “,” 180 Degree “,” Thank you for Goodbye “and more to my YouTube channel. I couldn’t just sit there , having heard that my singing touched her, so I sent her a direct message, and she even replied, saying, “I enjoyed your performance. You’ll only have good days ahead of you, so don’t cry and stay strong Let us both sing for a long, long time. “I was so grateful because I could really feel the sincerity in their words.”

Jung Yujin finally made it into the top eight on the audition show, which she shared: “After my appearance, a lot of people noticed me. “The Voice of Korea 2020” is a program that I am very grateful for because it has helped me to be confident about music. “

She continued: “During the promotions with The Ark, I was the member who hardly spoke. That’s why I was worried if people wouldn’t like me if I appeared on programs, but I’m grateful that many people saw me positively. The ark members also supported me. Euna Kim and Jeon Min Ju said they cried after seeing my appearance. Jane and Lee Suji bought me a cake to congratulate me on. “

Jung Yujin is now preparing to release a new song this month and plans to film new covers. She commented: “In August I will release a song that has a different mood than the songs I have presented so far. My goal for this year is to release a mini album full of ballads sometime in October.”

Most recently, she said: “If I showed who Jung Yujin was through“ The Voice of Korea 2020 ”, I would now like to concentrate on demonstrating the charm of MAIL. As a MAIL, my ultimate goal is to become a singer who receives love and recognition from more people. I want to be born again as a singer who sings very sincerely, empathizes with many others and can have a positive influence. “

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