Jo Jung Suk’s best covers, which show his incredible singing talent

Jo Jung Suk's best covers, which show his incredible singing talent

Even though I’m an actor Jo Jung Suk has thrilled the audience with his amazing singing talent on numerous occasions.

Jo Jung Suk made his theater debut in 2004, after which he appeared in various plays and musicals. The actor made his television debut in 2011 and a year later he appeared in his breakout role in the film “Architecture 101” from 2012. Since then, Jo Jung Suk got his name through projects like “Oh my mind, “”Don’t you dare to dream“(” Jealousy Incarnated “),” My Annoying Brother “(” Hyung “),” E.X.I.T “and” Hospital Playlist “among others.

With a voice as charming as his, Jo Jung Suk could probably even release his own album. While we’re waiting for that to subside someday, here are Jo Jung Suk’s most legendary song covers that show how talented he is!

“Aloha” – cool

Jo Jung Suk’s latest hit is his cover of “Aloha” for the popular drama “Hospital Playlist”. Compared to the bright and fresh vibes of Cool’s original song, Jo Jung Suk gave his version a soft, dreamy touch to redesign the song as his own. After its release, Jo Jung Suk’s “Aloha” topped various music charts and also inspired covers from other artists.

“Celebrity” – PSY

In his wedding scene with Gong Hyo Jin In “Don’t Dare To Dream” (“Jealousy Incarnated”) Jo Jung Suk played his own congratulations song. He excitedly sang PSY’s “Celebrity” and showed his amazing vocal skills, which did not fluctuate even when he performed some powerful dance moves.

Watch the first episode of “Don’t Dare To Dream” below!

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“This is the moment” – “Jekyll And Hyde” OST

Jo Jung Suk reminded everyone of his musical roots as an actor and took over the legendary song from the OST of the musical “Jekyll and Hyde” during an episode of “Running Man. ”With just the first few lines of” This is the Moment “, Jo Jung Suk’s gentle voice fascinated not only the cast of” Running Man “but also all of us!

Watch Jo Jung Suk’s latest appearance on “Running Man” here!

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“Don’t worry” – Jeon In Kwon

Special thanks to the film “My Annoying Brother” for the combination of Jo Jung Suk and EXO‘S DO not only in the same film, but also in a duet! “Don’t Worry” was originally released by Jeon In Kwon in 2004, and viewers may also know the song from the “Answer 1988“EAST. Jo Jung Suk and D.O harmonized perfectly in their playback of the song to create a heartwarming track.

“Wrong Encounter” – Kim Gun Mo.

Another hit from “Don’t Dare To Dream” is “Jo Jung Suk’s cover of Kim Gun Mo’s” Wrongful Encounter “. While he was at karaoke, he has the popular song that contains lyrics that perfectly match his relationship with Gong Hyo Jins and Go Kyung PyoCharacters at the time. Not only did he sound fantastic when he sang the song, but while he was there he also casually demonstrated his rap skills.

“In the rain” – Lee Moon Sae

During his appearance on “Radio StarIn 2014, Jo Jung Suk teamed up Song Chang Yi, with whom he played in the musical “Blood Brothers”. The two sang Lee Moon Saes “In the Rain” to convey the emotions of the song impressively and to stage a performance that is perfect for a rainy day.

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