Jasper Liu talks about working with Lee Seung Gi on the variety show, HaHa’s invitation and much more

Jasper Liu talks about working with Lee Seung Gi on the variety show, HaHa's invitation and much more

Taiwanese actor Jasper Liu shared his thoughts about the work Lee Seung Gi on the show “Twogether”!

“Twogether” is a travel program with Lee Seung Gi and Jasper Liu, who are the same age but come from different countries and speak different languages. Together they travel to different countries to meet fans and overcome their barriers to make friends. The show was shot in 2019, but premiered on June 26.

On July 6th, Jasper Liu sat down to talk about his experience with Twogether. First, Jasper Liu revealed why he chose Lee Varung Gi for the variety show. He said: “I really liked the concept of traveling all over Asia and meeting fans. I also enjoyed seeing Lee Seung Gis projects and after hearing that the production staff fromRunning Man“Produces” Twogether “. I decided to play on the show regardless of the difficulties.”

He continued: “I thought there would obviously be difficulties due to the different cultures and languages, but I was looking forward to the show more than anything else and decided to give it a try.”

Jasper Liu revealed how his thoughts had changed after filming. He said: “At first I wondered if there would be fans in Asia who like us, but I felt very touched after meeting our fans. I also thought that the show was about the process of two men with clumsy charm getting to know each other. I never thought there would be many new things to try and overcome. “

He added: “Many of the people on the set are Koreans, so I opened all my senses because I wanted to know what they were talking about and what the atmosphere was like. I remember watching Lee Seung Gi because I didn’t want to feel like I was far away. “

When asked to reveal some of Lee Seung Gi’s charms, Jasper Liu said, “Lee Seung Gi is charming in many ways. He is a person with many strengths. He’s brave, knows how to relax everyone around him, and he’s smart. “

He continued: “Lee Seung Gi has such a good memory that he will remember something he once heard. It is difficult to choose just one thing because he can act and sing well and there is nothing he cannot do. “

Jasper Liu also said that he and Lee Seung Gi got along well because they are both optimistic. He said: “While we were doing our missions during the show, we complemented each other well. There were cases in the middle where we had different opinions, but that didn’t become a problem. “

He said, “Traveling is difficult if your partner is not on the same side as you, but I remember that the process of traveling with Lee Seung Gi was comfortable and great.”

Also as someone with more experience in variety shows, Lee Seung Gi was shown as Klutz on his “Twogether” missions alongside Jasper Liu. When asked whether he felt cheated by Lee Seung Gis less than outstanding, Jasper Liu thought back to a mission he had undertaken with Lee Seung Gi and replied, “Instead of feeling cheated, I was more grateful. When Lee Seung Gi turned the top, I ran back to him after working on my own mission, and I found it strange that the top overturned so quickly. But after looking at the edited footage, I realized that spinning tops are not easy. “He added with a laugh,” I was late grateful for him. “

When the interviewer mentioned that Lee Seung Gi said in a recent interview that he spared him during the missions, Jasper Liu expressed his surprise when he shouted in Korean, “Wait, wait.” He asked, “Lee Seung Gi cheated so often, and that made it easy for me?” However, Jasper Liu said that there were no harsh feelings and expressed his awe at how creative Lee Seung Gi can be when he breaks the rules during games. He said: “I saw this side of him on another show and I thought he was really impressive.”

He also praised Lee Seung Gi and described him as a teacher. Jasper Liu said, “Even if Lee Seung Gi says he can’t do it, I want to work with him. I still have a lot to learn.”

He added: “I can’t leave a teacher behind carelessly. I always have to be with them. “Then he honestly admitted:” I still can’t do a one-man show alone. “

When asked who he would next invite to the show, Jasper Liu decided Haha. He said, “I think HaHa would be good at the missions because he’s the king of the games.”

Jasper Liu considered where he would go next if there was a second season for the show. He said, “Lee Seung Gi said he wanted to go to a country where it’s cold and I think a cold country would be nice too. I’m afraid of the cold but I think I can take it in.”

Jasper Liu also selected the most memorable city and the most difficult mission from the show. He said: “I remember every city because each one has its own characteristics. If I chose the most memorable moment, I would meet all the fans after I returned to Seoul. “

He continued: “I worked hard on my missions to meet fans from every city, but I felt bad that I couldn’t see them for a long time because of the schedule. It was great that the production team created moments for me to meet the fans. “

Jasper Liu revealed that sleep deprivation was the hardest part of the show, and chose the skydiving mission as the scariest.

He then compared Twogether to other variety programs in which he participated. He said: “There was a time when I was on a variety show for about a day, but this is my first time on a variety show that is crossed with reality. I found the Korean production team to be professional The whole experience was fun. “

As the last comment, Jasper Liu said: “I learned that we have to trust each other when traveling. Trust is important between friends. COVID-19 has been difficult to travel lately, but I hope everyone can have a good time traveling with us virtually through the show. “

He concluded: “I was looking forward to visiting Korea to promote Twogether, but I regret that it didn’t. Personally, I thought I should learn Korean because I found that it was a major language barrier and I’m currently learning hard. If I get the chance, I would like to take part in various projects in Korea. “

Watch Jasper Liu play the drama “Before We Get Married” below!

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