IU celebrates 12th debut anniversary, shares update on new album, talks about plans and more

IU celebrates 12th debut anniversary, shares update on new album, talks about plans and more

IU celebrates its 12th debut anniversary!

On September 18th, IU hosted a special live broadcast on the occasion of its 12th anniversary in 2008. On that day she started as a singer with her first music show performance of “Lost Child”.

IU announced that their staff had put a lot of care into decorating the set for their show since they called it their 12th birthday. She also greeted fans all over the world by greeting them in languages ​​such as English and Chinese.

“A lot has happened lately,” IU told fans, noting that she filmed the Yoo Hee Yeol’s Skechbook for her anniversary mini-concert episode of the music show Tuesday.

“When I do concerts, I usually lie in bed for three days after my concert in Seoul,” said IU. “I really can’t do anything for three days.” She continued to have her parents come to her home to look after her and prepare her food.

IU stated that she went to the recording for “Yoo Hee Yeol’s Sketchbook” and considered it a concert, but she said it was a mistake. “It wasn’t a concert, it was a show,” she said. “Since this is a show, it has to be shot from different angles and I wasn’t prepared for that at all.” She mentioned that there were times when she would give concerts for up to six hours, but that was different.

“I thought it would be easy because there would be fewer songs than a concert, but it was really difficult,” she said. “I felt like I had given three concerts in one day.”

“I also had to change my makeup quickly,” commented IU. “It was like training that I’ve never had since my debut. I lost my voice. Even if I do a long concert, I don’t lose my voice so I didn’t expect that to happen. But in the I lost my voice on the last hour of the recording. The people at ‘Sketchbook’ cheered me a lot, as did Yoo Hee Yeol and the IU team. “

“When I came back I was crying,” she said. “Maybe I felt the feelings of autumn, maybe it was my physical condition and I was thinking about how 12 years have passed since my debut. When I went home, I got messages from the staff. They said,” You are like that worked hard. That was the first time I’d seen you having this hard. I realized that you are an ordinary 28 year old too. “When I saw this, I felt feelings that I cannot describe . I went to sleep but I cried. “

IU said it was 100 times harder because there was no audience. “When I do a concert, I am excited, even if I lose my voice, and I am full of energy.” Even if my voice gets hoarse, I can always get it back. However, since there was no audience, I only got through with my concentration and mental strength. I realized that it was very different from a concert. After the end, Yoo Hee Yeol also wrote me that I had worked very hard. “

She said, “It’s a show that Sketchbook and the IU team put in over 10 hours of hard work at KBS. Please look forward to it.”

When fans were concerned and told her not to work too hard, IU assured them, “I work out. I do cardio, yoga, and Pilates. I always do planks. I’m healthy. I’ve also built a lot of muscles.”

“Although I can’t do a fan meeting this year, I think those times still matter,” she said. “Let’s save all the feelings we have when we miss each other and then let them all out on the day we see each other in person. Let’s be so happy to see each other that the roof of the concert hall flies off.”

After that, IU and her fans had fun taking a quiz about her story and more. She then talked about her upcoming music.

“Making an album is hard,” she said. “It’s hard, but since it’s the first full album I’ve made in a while, there’s more to think about. I think there will be a lot of collaborations with new composers that I haven’t worked with before. Me I don’t have all the songs together yet, but I’m in the phase where I meet and discuss with a lot of people. “

“I also work hard to write songs,” she said. “As you may know, I have strict standards for my songs, so there are a lot of tracks that don’t make it on the album. However, I write as much as possible and also erase as much as possible. “

“The concept is going to be fancy,” she said, adding that she remembered that it was a budget album.

IU was also asked about her character in the upcoming film “Dream” (working title). She said, “We shot a lot for the film. I’m not sure how far we’ve come.”

“Fortunately, I’ve received so many scripts that I can’t read all of them,” said IU. “I read scripts very carefully and haven’t made up my mind about anything yet. I’ll pick a project that I’m confident about and that you’ll like.”

When she finished the show, IU said, “I hope to have a fan meeting around this time next year. In addition, the most important thing is that we reunite healthily after this difficult time. “She promised to stay healthy and urged fans to stay healthy too.

She told her fans Uaena: “This is a day for Uaena, who has been watching over me by my side for 12 years. Congratulations and thank you very much. “

IU’s mini-concert will air on September 18th on Yoo Hee Yeol’s Sketchbook.

Check out “Yoo Hee Yeol’s Sketchbook” below!

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