Is Netflix ‘The Willoughbys too scary for young children?

The Netflix animated film The Willoughbys I recently came to the streaming service and have children and adults – but is it too scary for young children? Based on the book by Lois Lowry, the film has the same dark tone as that of other classic fairy tales. While the dark fairytale storyline can scare off some viewers, The Willoughbys offers a story about a whimsical adventure that keeps children on screen.

The Willoughbys Four neglected children follow, whose selfish and selfish parents make them hungry, desperate and unloved. The Willoughby children feel better cared for as orphans and plan to send their parents on a dangerous vacation, leaving the children to their own devices. Throughout the film, they encounter a number of out-of-the-box characters – like Commander Melanoff, a wealthy candy factory owner played by Terry Crews – who show them love and provide examples of solid parent figures.

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Some parents may wonder if The Willoughbys is too dark and scary for younger children because it uses topics that are not normally covered in children’s animated films. Inappropriate language is not used The WilloughbysThere are some scenes of mild violence and deaths do occur – although the filmmakers do everything they can to make them appear quite humorous to mask the reality of the morbid subject. There is one scene in which the Willoughby parents starve their children and another in which the parents are considered dead. In addition, topics such as adoption, orphans, child abuse and abandonment are covered throughout the film. Although there is no sexual content, parents tend to be very loving to each other and sometimes make suggestive comments and gestures.

Seán Cullen, Will Forte, Alessia Cara, Maya Rudolph and Terry Crews play the leading roles in the Willoughbys

While The Willoughbys may follow these neglected and otherwise unloved children, at heart it is a family story and the search for the true meaning of what it means to be loved. Under the direction of director Kris Pearn and co-directors Cory Evans and Rob Lodermeier, the dark topics were examined in The Willoughbys stand in contrast to bright colors, lively character designs and popping graphics like clouds that look like fluffy cotton candy and cupcakes that sit on Commander Melanoff’s shoulders, thus masking the serious topics with fun and stimulating children’s animations.

While some viewers may be turned away The Willoughbys Because of its dark and depressing surface content, what lies deep inside is incredibly powerful. The cat, played by comedian Ricky Gervais, said it best:Determination, imagination, hope … the best stories are the hard ones. ” The Willoughbys is an adventurous, quirky reminder for children and adults of the power and true value of the family, and its mature elements are no different from those of many classic fairy tales. Although parents of children who are sensitive to some of the problems may want a review The Willoughbys for yourself, it should initially be appropriate for all ages.

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