Into The I-LAND: A look back at what happened in episodes 9 and 10

Into The I-LAND: A look back at what happened in episodes 9 and 10

In the last two weeks of “I-LAND“We see a lot of appearances, personal growth, excursions and a visit from the SEVENTEEN performance team. There are tears, there are laughter, there is frustration, and there is camaraderie. You know the usual. Oh, and we’re saying goodbye to another I-Lander too.

Read on to find out more about the events in episodes 9 and 10:

Warning: big spoilers ahead! How seriously! Long article too. Run while you still can. (Please don’t run)

Pikachu, I choose you!

The trainee who took first place in the first test, Heeseung, gained the advantage of choosing the song he wanted and its members. That means that he alone decides the fate of everyone. No pressure.

Heeseung selects the song “Flicker” and teammates Sunghoon, Jake, Jungwon, and K.. Basically everyone with a badge. These decisions also provoke the return of “angry” Jay“Who unfortunately even loses stone, paper and scissors and ensures that his team is banished to the practice studio on the second floor, a.k.a. the less cool.

“Immerse yourself” team

Jay channels his resentment into the passion of being the best leader of all time. And it’s really impressive how he analyzes the strengths of his members (Daniel, Ta-ki, Ni-ki, Sunoo, and Hanbin) are and assign them parts that emphasize these strengths. He even pays special attention to the lyrics and makes sure everyone understands the song so that it evokes the right emotions. And when the panel finds they lack strength during mid-term assessments, Jay transforms into a drill sergeant and lets the kids do pushups and planks. Even the panelists are impressed with Jay’s determination and determination.

“Flicker” team

While team “Flicker” is technically supposed to be the “strong” team, their teamwork doesn’t seem to be like that how strong. The younger members find K daunting as he’s fairly straightforward and even a little stubborn at times. They find it difficult to communicate their ideas or initiate discussions and they are very aware of his feelings.

The younger members find that the underlying tension is too great and affect how they practice. They go to K and tell him how they feel. K is surprised to hear her thoughts, leaves the room and goes to be alone. When the other four find him again, he apologizes tearfully and tells them that he really likes them, which also tears the other children apart.

While the tears were shed, it’s a good thing that instead of holding onto them, festering them, and potentially causing more harm in the long run, they were able to voice their concerns. K probably doesn’t notice how he’s coming off, and the other kids are all on the gentler side, so he’s just taken on a more dominant role. But like most of the other boys in I-LAND, he is really just a big-hearted kid who fights hard for his dreams.

Doobu – A name that would suit a dish, a man and … a puppy

The top three participants in the first test – Heeseung, Jungwon and Sunghoon – have a day off to have fun outside. Yes, out in the real world where things are not rated and you are not rated for everything you do. Oh wait a minute. That also describes the real world. * Spirals into existential crisis *

As I said, the three boys have a day off and travel in style all in one limousine Celebrity Van. Their first stop is a pet cafe where Jungwon adorable discovers that one of the puppy names is “Doobu” – the same name as one of the directors on the panel – and they have a bit of sassy fun with the name. (“Doobu” is also the Korean pronunciation for tofu).

Then they go to a virtual reality experience center where Sunghoon literally collapses in fear of what he sees, while Jungwoon and Heeseung laugh at his seldom seen nervous side.

The two change their music as they go to the ice rink and see Sunghoon unleash his role as “Skating Prince”. I’m sure we’re all like Jungwoon and Heeseung, mesmerized by all this beauty on ice.

Eventually the boys go to a clothing store where they thoughtfully select items of clothing for all members that are in the four-sided container called I-LAND.

Second test performances

For the second test, the team performs “Flicker” first and wow, they look good and elegant in their maroon suits. Everything looks polished and sleek and it’s quite a fun song too. Everyone is praised for their accomplishments and the panel also mentions how Jake (who is in seventh place) absolutely asserts himself among the other four (first to fourth place). They also highlight (again) how Jungwon always manages to capture the nuances of the song he’s playing, and are even a little surprised at how tempting someone so young (he’s only 17) could be.

The “Dive Into You” team is also doing a pretty hot job. Their performance is in a completely different style, more in the direction of “street” or “hip hop”, with lots of neon graffiti. However, the panel’s comments are rather mixed. Bang Si Hyuk is concerned about Daniel and Ta-ki who he believes have upset the team’s balance. They also find that Sunoo’s expression did not match the others.

On the positive side, Jay is superbly centered on the team and a stable force without drawing too much attention to himself. Ni-ki is also recognized for his groundbreaking achievement.

Panellists then announce their first place, which would have the advantage of having their votes doubled over the last 24 hours. This is a huge benefit and goes to … Jake!

We’re probably all a little baffled by this result, but we can’t deny that Jake has really improved a lot over the course of the show, which is why the panelists picked him.

Midpoint ranking

We then see the midpoint leaderboard, which is basically what we see at the end of the eighth episode. In that order they are Sunoo, Heeseung, Sunghoon, Ta-ki (by the way, these are all members of the “Fake Love” team), Jake, Jungwon and Daniel. In eighth place and after (and if we fall off the debut line) we have Hanbin, K, Ni-ki and Jay.

Jay is shocked by his ranking, which then makes him sentimental, and he even writes farewell letters to everyone. The highlight here, however, isn’t “emotional Jay” or how the guys ignored his wishes and immediately read the suicide note. The real story here is how swollen Jay’s hand is after being bitten by a mosquito. Seriously, this hand is swollen! I vacillate between pity for him and horror at how terrible the mosquitoes are in I-LAND!

Say the name, SEVENTEEN

Before the start of the third test, the I-Landers first receive a mini-mission, which is carried out by none other than the power unit of SEVENTEEN, namely Hoshi, Jun, The8 and Dino.

The mini-mission consists in the trainees performing two of SEVENTEEN’s songs: the fresh and bubbly “Adore U” and the charismatically exploding “Hit”. The teams have already been decided for them, with Heeseung, K, Jay, Hanbin and Ni-ki (i.e. the charismatic performers) tackling “Hit” and the rest doing “Adore U”. Since this is just a mini-mission with no really high stakes, it would have been nice if the trainees could have tried the more unexpected song selection to see more of them. Imagine K doing “Adore U” or Sunoo “Hit”. It would have been fun to see that, no?

The four SEVENTEEN members arrive in I-LAND to supervise the minimission themselves. They are their usual energetic, supportive selves, giving them hugs, patting them on the back and going “oooh”, “woah”, “saaaa” during their performances. (Yes, the last one is Hoshi). SEVENTEEN praises the “Hit” team for having mastered the difficult choreography well, especially since they only had a few hours to learn it.

They have a lot of fun with the “Adore U” team too, and the team members themselves seem to really enjoy the choreography which is fun to watch too. Hyung-Gatherer Ta-ki collects the hearts of the SEVENTEEN Hyungen (older brothers) with his kindness. Jun and Hoshi then dance alongside some trainees before announcing their pick for the mini-mission winner, Sunoo, which they found most natural.

We can finally go outside … into the yard!

Before the boys fully immerse themselves in the third test, the mysterious overhead voice tells them they are allowed to go outside, with the “outside” literally right outside the door. A screen is projected onto the wall of their building and the boys see video messages and questions from their fans from all over the world. It is quite heartwarming to see this outpouring of love and support from these strangers and soon enough the boys will be tears in their eyes.

Then when the boys talk about “memorable events” they mention Jay’s tendency to sleep with their eyes open. The show then broadcasts a clip of it, which no doubt contributes to Jay’s Big Box of Embarrassing Moments. And because the show loves Jay, that’s when they air More Clips from his big box of embarrassing moments and the trainees all roll around with laughter.

A fan also asks K to show them his stunning smile. K then asks Jake what a stunning smile is, to which Jake replies, “Isn’t that how you smile when you kill?” Which then gives us the following:

After hearing various but valid requests from fans to various trainees, show yours AegyoShow off your moves from Michael Jackson etc – then we hear a fan ask, “I want to know how to marry Sunghoon.” Cue Sunghoon’s weirdly confused expression:

After their little trip outside, the boys return to their rooms and find a hardback book with letters from fans. It’s really cute how the show did all of this for them and gave them a much-needed morale boost during this otherwise stressful process.

Third test: Refreshing against explosives

The two songs, in the same sort of “refreshing” vs. “Explosive” concepts are “Chamber 5 (Dream of Dreams)” and “Flame On”. After Sunoo wins the mini-mission, he can choose his song as well as his team members Jake, Jungwoo, Heeseung and Ta-ki. While it is strange to find Heeseung on this side of the concepts, he actually prefers it himself as he hopes to show the audience a different side. We see the five members knock on their cute pages, dazzling us with smile after smile (awkward).

The “Flame On” team, on the other hand, consists of Daniel, Hanbin, Sunghoon, Ni-ki, K and Jay. While members recommend K to be the leader, he appoints Sunghoon instead. In his confessional, Sunghoon mentions a change in K after everything that happened during “Flicker” and how he is now paying more attention to and how he may encounter other people’s feelings. Jay, still in his “I’m about to be eliminated” spiral, offers to overlap his part with Daniel so the team doesn’t have to re-shuffle when he leaves.

And then it was 10 (a.k.a. did that just happen?)

Before the performances for the third test can take place, we have to make an annoying elimination. Let’s just say the results are … unexpected.

Sunoo and Heeseung rank first and second, no surprises. Third place, however, goes to Jay! That’s right, Mr. I wrote-everyone-farewell-letters-Jay. Seeing him last in line probably got his fans to vote quick and the panellists are glad he survived, as I am honest with you. This boy alone fills part of the airtime with his unfiltered feelings and the show wouldn’t be the same without him.

Another apprentice who climbs the ranking is Hanbin, who moves from eighth to fourth place. Then we have Sunghoon dropping a few points, then K, then Jake in seventh place. Jake usually ranks higher (fifth in the middle) so it’s surprising that he only comes in seventh, especially with his advantage on double votes in the game. (According to the mysterious overhead voice, he moved up one point thanks to the advantage). Jungwon comes eighth, then Ni-Ki, who leaves the two Maknaes (youngest), Daniel and Ta-ki. Bang Si Hyuk has some words of encouragement for you to remind you that you are still very young and that you should use the experiences you have had in I-LAND to move forward rather than let yourself be knocked down by them.

Finally, the mysterious overhead voice makes the final announcement, and the trainee sent home is … Ta-ki.

His Hyungs are all visibly broken to hear about it, especially Japanese members K and Ni-ki. Ta-ki’s skills may not be the best among “I-LAND” trainees, and he can definitely spend more time improving them. It’s a delightful bean, obviously very popular, and very popular with international voters. But tough choices have to be made. So let’s say goodbye and good luck to them HyungCollector, Ta-ki. (The sound you hear is Hyung Hearts break all over the world).

And now that Ta-ki is eliminated, Chamber 5 team is a member. Which means that someone from the “Flame On” team has to switch the choreography and learn again! Dum dum dummmmm.

Did the I-LAND deities belong to us?

In my last review, I talked a little about how it seemed like “I-LAND” put too much focus on the performance side and not enough on the vocal side. Even the panel itself was filled with performance-oriented directors with no voice-oriented director in sight. And it seemed like a lot of you agreed with that in the comments. In the following week (in episode 9), however, we see vocal trainer Kim Sung Eun, who pays a visit to the “Flicker” team. And from the looks of it, this is a normal thing. She is also one of the panel members in the special episode (the one with Kwanghee et al. Hosting), and even then she seemed very familiar with the trainees. From this we can probably conclude that they have it something Vocal practice ahead of her gigs, but the question now is why haven’t we seen it before. It can’t be safe The boring is not it?

Check out the latest episode of “I-LAND” on Viki below:

Look now

Are you more okay or devastated that Ta-ki was sent home? And what do you think of the current top 7? Let us know in the comments below!

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