Into The “I-LAND”: A look back at the highlights of Episode 11

Into The "I-LAND": A look back at the highlights of Episode 11

I know what you’re thinking. Huh? A weeklong review instead of the usual biweekly? Well, we’re just too excited about the upcoming finale (and my reviews are getting longer and longer) so … here we are? Before we welcome the birth of a new group of boys, here is an overview of what will happen in week 11 of “I-LAND, ”Including the usual suspects of accomplishments and eliminations.

Warning: you know the exercise. Big spoilers ahead!

The curse of the number “5”

SunooAfter taking first place in the second test, he has the advantage that he chooses someone from the “Flame On” team to fill out Ta-kiPlace in the team “Chamber 5” So he chooses Sunghoonwho also happens to be the leader of the Flame On team. Rest raw.

Sunghoon then concludes that he is haunted by the number “5”. He is on the “Chamber 5” team, has part “5” of the song, has “5” days to practice and is in the “5.” Rank. Oh, and he was also responsible for part “5” on “Flame On”. That’s five five’s, and the horror of the curse (or the pressure to change parts in as little time as you choose) reaches Sunghoon, and he starts acting strangely, starting with screams when he sees slices of pork in the pantry, then accidentally burst into fits of laughter. The other boys find his mini-breakdown both alarming and funny and offer him support and reminders to “take his medication”.

Intermediate evaluations

Son Sung Deuk arrives to oversee their mid-term evaluations and discovers that the Chamber 5 team is missing. He notes that there are places where it feels more uncomfortable than “refreshing” and the members don’t seem to be having fun. This is a perfectly valid statement that I have also observed. Maybe it is the song itself or maybe it is the situation, but when the guys danced to “Adore U” in the previous episode, it was easy to see the guys exuding fun and high energy, which is not the case here.

On the other hand, Son Sung Deuk is really impressed with the performance of the “Flame On” team. K.After seeing how Sunghoon led the team, he changes his leadership style and creates an atmosphere where members can give ideas and suggestions. The harmonious atmosphere and drive of the team members help them really delve into, and their efforts really pay off here. Son Sung Deuk makes a note, however HanbinIs relatively low in energy and calls on him to make some of his sloppy movements.

Party time!

We suddenly see the boys dancing around and having fun. Apparently they’re having a party. A cleaning party to be precise. They sit down, distribute the (cleaning) items, agree that they can change the parts whenever they want (LOL!), And then start washing, vacuuming, airing the bed linen and general cleaning in general.

After the cleaning session, they enjoy a round of pizza while playing the “Image Game,” a game in which they select members based on their pictures. For the trainee who has changed the most since the first meeting, most boys choose K. For the funniest member, Heeseung is the choice of the majority. (This then causes the jealous Jaywho wants to be relentless to have more fun than Heeseung). And for the trainee they would introduce their sister to, Sunghoon pulls his oppa (older brother) card and fervently insists that none of them are worthy.

Then the top three rankings (Sunoo, Heeseung, Jay) are called to their room and are told that their advantage for being in the top three is that they can make phone calls. Sunoo, who is allowed three phone calls, calls with an Ex-I-Lander Jaebeomand the trainees are all looking forward to hearing a familiar voice again. The rest of the phone calls are made to their family members, and it’s delightful to hear how cute and wildly easy going they are with each other, as families usually do. Sunoo’s sister wants to know all about his time at I-LAND, especially about Jay and Sunghoon. Heeseung’s brother teases that Jay is cuter than Heeseung, but cheers when Heeseung says he’s ranked higher. Jay’s mother – who proves the power of genes – asks Jay if he has been eliminated as soon as she answers the call. Then she proceeds on how he shouldn’t be too disappointed, telling him not to do anything stupid to get traumatized before Jay has a chance to explain his call.

Third test: concept test (refreshing vs. explosive)

When we move on to the actual test, Chamber 5 team runs the performance first and everything goes well with not a single pillow injured. The panel determines how well Sunoo fits the song and how Sunghoon can handle the nuances and expressions well despite his shorter practice time. However, Heeseung needs to work to make his expressions more natural Jungwon – although not bad in and of itself – does not meet his usual standards and does not seem to have energy or self-confidence.

The “Flame On” team, on the other hand, was completely enthusiastic about the panel and we heard them calling out throughout the performance. Doobu even gives them a standing ovation at the end. Bang Si Hyuk showered her with praise and commented that K and Ni-ki impressed him very much and that he enjoyed her stage very much. He also notes that Hanbin is also noticeable, but unfortunately in a negative way. He’s returning to some of his bad habits, which frustrates the panel.

And then it was nine

This third test is assessed solely on the basis of the results of the panel. In first place with a large lead is K with 92 points. The panel believes that he is the obvious choice, given that he has done great himself and managed his members well. Ni-ki is in second place with 87 points. This is the first time Ni-ki has been added to the debut line, and this sharp rise in the ranking is evidence of how he blossomed in the last two Tests.

Then comes Sunoo with 86 points, Heeseung with 83 points and Sunghoon with the “No. 5 curse ”, with 81 points in fifth place. Jay comes in sixth at 79 Jake with 78 and Daniel at 77. The boy is shocked not to be on the verge of elimination, but the panel thought he did well and looked cool in his performance.

After all, we’re with the last two still on stage: Hanbin and Jungwon. It’s sad to see Jungwon standing there as he has always done well and received positive feedback in the previous tests. He may have been on a downward trend in the past two weeks, but it would have been especially painful if sent home because he was below expectations in just one test. However, from the formulation of the comments by the panelists, it could be deduced that the one who was sent home would be Hanbin. And I was right.

Hanbin has a rather unusual trajectory behind him on “I-LAND”. He had moderate screen time the first half but never made it up. Then when it came down to it his fans secured him a spot in the top 12, after which he spent a few weeks in the lower echelons before shooting up to fourth place last week. Unfortunately, his ranking has been hit badly this week and he is sent home. Even so, he still has the brightest smile on his face as he hugs everyone goodbye, and that’s probably what I like most about Hanbin. Among all the big and quirky personalities on “I-LAND”, Hanbin is one of the gentler ones (at least from what we see on screen) and would have struck a fair balance on the final debut team. Unfortunately his journey on “I-LAND” ends here, but he promises his journey to debut will continue. So all the best to you, Hanbin!

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How do you feel when Hanbin is eliminated? And when the finale is ahead, tell us who you are predict be the top 7 as well as who you are want to be in the top 7 in the comments section below!

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