Hyerim and Shin Min Chul answer difficult questions about Hyerim’s parents’ marriage, money, and children

Hyerim and Shin Min Chul answer difficult questions about Hyerim's parents' marriage, money, and children

Hyerim and her fiance Shin Min Chul took their future on MBCs “Do not be jealous. ”

In the episode of May 18, the couple visited Hyerim’s parents’ home after announcing their marriage plans.

Hyerim called her parents on the way there and said, “I’m traveling with your son-in-law.” Shin Min Chul said: “Our two families have been closely connected since the beginning of our relationship, so it feels very comfortable.”

On this day, the couple surprised Hyerim’s parents with clove soap and cash as a gift for Parents’ Day, which is celebrated annually on May 8 in Korea.

Hyerim’s mother and Shin Min Chul made braised spicy chicken together in the kitchen while Hyerim and her father flipped through photo albums. Hyerim burst into tears when he looked at the photo and read the handwritten letter her father had left her.

As they ate together, the four had a realistic conversation about the marriage. Hyerim’s father asked, “Are you going to pick up Hyerim at her agency when she’s done work? Are you going to pick her up and take a break?”

Her mother continued, “Where are you planning to buy your newly married home?” Shin Min Chul replied, “I plan to find one near the Taekwondo studio. I think it will be near Jamsil. “Hyerim’s father said,” Aren’t you going to visit often because you’re far away? “And Shin Min Chul replied,” We’ll come by often. “

Hyerim’s father then asked, “I heard that houses near Jamsil are very expensive. How much money did you save?” Shin Min Chul replied, “I have enough money to rent a house jeonse. ”

A jeonse Leasing is a type of rental agreement in which the tenant makes a large flat payment to a room (usually 50 to 80 percent of the market value) instead of making monthly payments. The landlord makes money by investing the deposit and keeping the interest. The deposit will then be returned to the tenant when the tenant moves out. Enough money for one jeonse Rental agreement is therefore a good start for a newly married couple.

Hyerim’s mother followed, “Who will take care of the finances?” And Hyerim said, “I think he has to take responsibility for both of us, and then I’ll slowly learn and take over. ”

Regarding plans for children, the couple replied, “We are thinking about two years after we got married.”

The four of them enjoyed a walk in the park together. Shin Min Chul offered to give his future mother-in-law a piggyback ride to pay her back the delicious food, and she smiled and looked at her reliable future son-in-law.

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