HULK once hit an opponent by falling on him (literally)

The incredible Hulk won too many battles to count. If you are the strongest being on Earth (and most other planets), forcing your enemies to submit is often a way of life. Still, it’s known that the Hulk uses unconventional tactics to defeat its trickier enemies. As an experienced fighter, Hulk is surprisingly cunning even in his “dumber” forms, and villains underestimate the Green Goliath at their peril.

Ironically, one of the Hulk’s most effective steps in the climate chapter happened entirely by accident The Infinity Crusade, the last chapter in Marvel Comics’ original Infinity Saga (before the The infinity glove and The Infinity War). The Hulk played a decent role in all of these epics, though not always by choice …

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In history, one aspect of the powerful being Adam Warlock separated from him and renamed himself “The Goddess” (all in all, not unusual for this era of Marvel’s cosmic stories). The goddess claimed that she was the “good” aspect of Warlock, approached many heroes, and claimed that she was there to recruit them to bring universal peace. After brainwashing her select few, she transformed her into an army on a distant planet.


Meanwhile, the heroes who were Not Chosen (including the Hulk) boarded a counterattack / rescue mission. The Hulk – who was in his “clever” form by Professor Hulk at the time – was particularly skeptical of the goddess’ motives, since he had been manipulated by several beings with supposedly good intentions. And his skepticism was confirmed when the goddess started pitting her heroes against her former friends.

As one of the “big guns” in his team’s clout, the Hulk was stationed in space with an oxygen mask and tasked to work with Drax the Destroyer to create a distraction that would allow the other heroes to infiltrate the goddess’ planet. The distraction turned out to be an overloaded silver surfer, whom Drax and the Hulk dropped like a bomb on the planet and distracted the goddess’ army. Hulk then bought the hero time to fly to the planet in shuttles by facing Thor in a fist fight as soon as the god of thunder had flown into space to prevent the heroes from entering. Although Drax and Hulk managed to distract Thor, the Asgardian destroyed Hulk’s mini drive unit … and left him stuck in space.

Fortunately, Hulk’s superhuman body proved to be resistant to the vacuum of space – and the planet’s gravity eventually dragged him into his atmosphere, where he fell like a meteor. Reentry friction burned Hulk’s clothes and oxygen, but his skin proved impenetrable. A lack of air soon caused the Hulk to pass out.

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Unknown to the Hulk, the ground forces had engaged the heroes in several battles on the surface of the planet. One of these fights took place between Sasquatch, an enormously large, hairy member of the Canadian superhero team Alpha Flight, and Maxam, an ally of Adam Warlock. However, before the two could get hit, Hulk fell from the sky and fell on Sasquatch – which knocked him out. Maxam was grateful for the support and praised the Hulk for his “raid,” but then wondered if the Hulk always went to battle in a “natural state”.

The rest of the battle was without the direct involvement of the Hulk, but Banner got one last gag. When Sasquatch woke up, brainwashed by the goddess, he noticed that his entire back was shaved. Meanwhile, Hulk stood innocently next to him – he was wearing a loincloth that he had made from Sasquatch’s hair.

While Hulk In general, he wins his fights with his fists and not with his overturned body. His “move” against Sasquatch still counts as one of his fun, yet effective movements. As a 1000-pound monster, Green Rage inevitably guarantees that you will win most of your fights – even if you don’t intend to.

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