How Indiana Jones led to the Star Wars prequels

It has been for decades war of stars The expanded universe had to feed on three films as raw material. With all the prequels, sequels, and anthology films available today, it’s hard to imagine that George Lucas’ first foray into the famous galaxy in the distance only produced episodes IV, V, and VI. While these three films have proven to be fertile ground for licensed toys and related media for years, they also raised some important questions about what happened to the first three chapters and why Lucas would choose to start in the middle.

Apparently, the legendary director always had a vision for a nine-part Skywalker saga, although it would take 16 years before he released the first prequel film in 1999 The dark threatand another 16 after that, before the Disney merger brought the first real sequel, 2015 The awakening of power. Amazing to believe that none of this would have happened if it had been worked on Indiana Jones hadn’t inspired Lucas to return war of stars Universe to test its chic new film technology.

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