Hong Eun Hee, Jeon Hye Bin, Kim Kyung Nam and others who star in KBS’s new weekend drama

Hong Eun Hee, Jeon Hye Bin, Kim Kyung Nam and others who star in KBS's new weekend drama

Hong Eun Hee, Jeon Hye Bin, Go won hee, and Kim Kyung Nam were cast for KBS2’s new weekend drama “Okay Kwang Sisters” (literal title)!

“Okay Kwang Sisters” will be released in March 2021 after the completion of “Homemade love story. “The new weekend drama will be a mystery thriller and melodramatic comedy about an entire family who become suspects after the family’s mother is killed in a divorce process.

The drama is written by Moon Young Nam, who wrote hit dramas including “My Rosy Life”, “Famous Chil Princesses”, “Terms of Endearment”, “Three brothers, ” “Wang’s family,” and “Liver or die. “The show is directed by director Lee Jin Seo, who is at”Heaven’s Mandate: The Joseon Refugee, “”Baby faced beauty,” and “Birth of a rich man. ”

Hong Eun Hee will play Lee Kwang Nam, the proud and selfish first daughter of Lee Chul Soo (Yoon Joo Sang). She has hostility towards her father for making her mother suffer since growing up and receiving unconditional love from her mother.

Jeon Hye Bin will play Lee Kwang Shik, an intelligent and righteous government worker and Lee Chul Soo’s second daughter. Although she makes the wrong choice because she did not receive love from her parents, she is wise and deeply considerate. The actress will reunite with screenwriter Moon Young Nam after collaborating on Liver or Die.

Go Won Hee will play Lee Chul Soo’s third daughter, Lee Kwang Tae, who has a simple, refreshing and easy-going personality and is 11 in total Dan (Rank) in the martial arts. She has taken part-time jobs for a lifetime without even being hired for a full-time job, and she adopts all current trends in life, such as staying single and following a “YOLO” lifestyle.

Kim Kyung Nam will play Han Ye Seul, who dreamed of becoming a rock singer from an early age. He quit school and moved to Seoul to pursue his dreams, but faces many difficulties. He not only masters guitar and singing, but is also sentimental and humorous.

Yoon Joo Sang will play Lee Chul Soo, the eldest grandson of the upper family, who has a tight personality when it comes to morality. He comes into conflict with his three daughters Kwang Nam, Kwang Shik and Kwang Tae. Lee Bo Hee will play the owner of a one-room building Oh Bong Ja. Lee Byung Joon takes on the role of Han Dol Se, born the son of a hired hand, and he will have “bromance” chemistry with the master’s son, Lee Chul Soo.

Choi Dae Chul will play Lee Kwang Nam’s husband and successful lawyer Bae Byun Ho, who wants a child even though he has no children due to his wife’s wishes. Seol Jung Hwan will play Heo Ki Jin, who has a bright personality and adapts quickly. He doesn’t treat women well until he’s caught by Lee Kwang Tae.

Kim Hye Sun. will play Oh Taeng Ja, who often argued with Lee Chul Soo, and Ha Jae Sook will play Shin Maria, the owner of the Bae Byun Ho Frequencies restaurant. Joo Seok Tae will play Heo Poong Jin, who is about to construct a building with money he has collected through all kinds of methods.

The first trailer for “Okay Kwang Sisters” will be released on December 31st as part of the KBS Drama Awards 2020. The production team announced: “Okay Kwang Sisters” will let the weekend nights of the first half of 2021 fly by with its tight story and quick storytellers can’t take their eyes off. Please look forward to the potential of screenwriter Moon Young Nam as she leads viewers to reconsider the importance of the importance of family with her skillful writing. “

“Okay Kwang Sisters” will be premiered in March 2021 after “Homemade Love Story”.

In the meantime, check out “Homemade Love Story” below:

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