“High School Rapper 4” reveals impressive mentoring cast

"High School Rapper 4" reveals impressive mentoring cast

The fourth season of “High School Rapper” has revealed its mentor cast!

The series was a success as it was not only a survival show but also a place for teenagers to share their thoughts with the public through rap. Some of the most successful rappers to attend the show include HAON, Lee Rohan, Yoon Jinyoung, and Jo Wonwoo.

On December 12th, this season’s mentors The Quiett, Yumdda, Jay Park, pH-1 and Woogi shared. The Quiett and Yumdda are top musicians preferred by teenagers today, and Jay Park, pH-1, and Woogi are all part of H1GHR, the label teenagers dream of being a part of.

First, The Quiett and Yumdda will team up to discover talented high school rappers. The two hot music industry icons said, “We hope to meet talented high school rappers.”

Jay Park, CEO of AOMG, the trendy rapper pH-1 and the famous producer Woogi have also teamed up as mentors. Jay Park commented, “Since High School Rapper is a show to meet people who will lead hip hop in the future, I personally have high expectations and will be more careful about how I deal with it.”

pH-1 shared, “Since it’s a show where I can communicate with the younger generation about my beloved hip-hop culture and introduce this genre of music to the public, I have high expectations for what is to come.” Woogi added, “I’m looking forward to it because I think it will be a new experience.”

The production team also said, “We have focused on recruiting mentors who are highly preferred by teenagers and who can make a positive impact on them. The other mentors introduced later are also artists who like and respect high school rappers. Please look forward to learning more about them. “

“High School Rapper” is currently recruiting young rappers through December 13th, and those born between 2002 and 2005 can apply to play in it.

Check out the teaser here!

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